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Solely focused on cancer, MSK Direct provides expertise, support, and care navigation for members and their families, wherever they live and at any stage of their cancer journey.

Members receive guidance to world-class cancer care at MSK and can access support virtually through the MSK Direct app.

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Support across the entire cancer journey

  • Navigation to clinical care
  • Ongoing, comprehensive support
  • Expert medical opinions
  • Digital support tools
  • Screening & prevention resources

Navigation to clinical care

  • Care at MSK. Members can schedule expedited appointments with MSK’s world-renowned physicians.
  • Guided access. A single point of contact streamlines administrative tasks and helps to reduce stress by gathering medical records.
  • Care nationwide. If a member is unable to travel to MSK, the MSK Direct team helps guide them to quality, in-network care, utilizing MSK’s proprietary peer-reviewed methodology. 
Nurse Sparkle Cadogan

Nurse Sparkle Cadogan is one of the many outstanding professionals providing cancer care at MSK.


Ongoing, comprehensive support

Ongoing, comprehensive support team

Our multidisciplinary support team includes a range of experts: oncology nurses, social workers, nutritionists, financial counselors, and general health coaches, working together to deliver personalized support to every member

  • Members are matched with a dedicated cancer care navigator, provided in partnership with Jasper Health. 
  • Cancer Care Navigators are available 24/7 to help members with psychosocial needs including support with mental health, physical activity, nutrition, financial questions and can help make connections to local and national resources.

Expert medical opinions

Expert medical opinions are easily accessed through the MSK Direct app. 

MSK’s subspecialists include surgical, medical, and radiation oncologists, working together with pathologists and radiologists to precisely identify someone’s cancer type and recommend a treatment plan that is right for each patient. 

MSK Direct members can virtually access expert medical opinions.

Members can easily access expert medical opinions through the MSK Direct app.

 1 in 3 patients receives a meaningful change in diagnosis or treatment plan.

1 in 3 patients receives a meaningful change in diagnosis or treatment plan.

An MSK expert medical opinion includes: 

  • A customized treatment plan: MSK doctors create personalized, written treatment plans and provide answers to important questions.
  • Coordination with the local, treating physician: MSK doctors provide the patient and primary treating cancer doctor with a comprehensive, written treatment plan.
  • Expert pathology and radiology review: When a case requires a pathology review, a radiology review, or both, MSK specialists can review original biopsies and imaging tests to ensure accurate and consistent diagnoses. 

Digital support tools

MSK Direct streamlines cancer management for patients, providing smart tracking, personalized tasks, and tailored recommendations. Members also have access to a comprehensive library of educational resources specific to their disease type.

Members have access to:

  • Smart tracking and personalized tasks
  • Individualized content
  • Customized recommendations
Members can access a suite of digital tools via the MSK Direct app.

Tracking and personalized resources, all in one place.

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Personalized Cancer Risk Assessment

Our proprietary risk assessment tool evaluates risks and provides personalized screening recommendations and advice on how to reduce risk for a range of common cancer types, including breast, colon, lung, and skin cancers.
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Screening & prevention resources

  • Early detection and prevention tools. Digital assessment to evaluate cancer risks and offer personalized screening and recommendations.
  • Awareness campaigns, all year long. Tailored monthly and quarterly cancer awareness campaigns and helpful resources to educate members.
  • Expert validation of suspected cancer. MSK’s team of doctors, with subspecialized expertise in 400+ types of cancer conduct a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and deliver a definitive diagnosis. 


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MSK Direct listened to a variety of stakeholders across the nation to understand what it means to deliver top cancer care and support. No matter when or where you need us, we are here to guide you. 

To learn more about partnering with MSK Direct, call us at 844-557-5507, email [email protected], or fill out our informational form so a member of our team can contact you.