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At Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), we understand that ensuring the health and well-being of your members while managing total medical costs is of the utmost importance. MSK Direct works in collaboration with union health fund leaders to help you support members affected by cancer, at every stage of their cancer journey. Union members will benefit from our lifesaving discoveries, research, cancer treatments, and leading outcomes, regardless of where they live.

Where and how your members are treated first matters.

Cancer is among the toughest and most challenging diagnoses an individual will ever face. MSK Direct seeks to mitigate the traditional barriers to accessing high-quality cancer care by providing people with the appropriate subspecialized cancer expertise in the care setting that is best for them. Our team at MSK has created a culture that embraces differences, expanding access to exceptional cancer care for all. We also offer resources and services in multiple languages.

We’ve successfully partnered with unions to meet the varied needs of their membership, which ranges from providing health empowerment resources related to screening, prevention, and early detection, through supporting access to other high-quality cancer care for those diagnosed with cancer via navigation support and virtual expert medical opinions.

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MSK Direct expands access to exceptional cancer care for all.

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