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Access to cancer expertise, support, and guidance all in one place

Combining Memorial Sloan Kettering’s clinical subspecialized expertise and superior patient outcomes with digitally powered, human-led cancer navigation, MSK Direct supports employees, no matter where they live.

The MSK Direct digital solution empowers employees to take control of their treatment plan with access to:

  • Navigation to clinical care: Guidance to world-class care at MSK or to locally
  • Ongoing, comprehensive support: Personalized navigation and support
  • Expert medical opinions: Second opinions from world-renowned cancer experts
  • Digital support tools: Tracking, personalized recommendations, and resources
  • Screening & prevention resources: Cancer screening tools and resources

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Both cost and cases on the rise for people under the age of 50.

Cancer costs and new cancer cases are on the rise.

Cancer in the workplace

A 2023 study published in BMJ Oncology revealed a 79.1% global increase (from 1990-2019) of early onset (ages 14-49) cancer diagnoses.1

50% of workers are afraid to disclose their cancer diagnosis for fear of stigma or losing their job.2

92% of cancer patients feel the support they receive from the workplace, positively affects their health.2

This puts employers in a powerful position to affect positive change.

Sources: 1BMJ Oncology, 2023; 2Working with Cancer Pledge, (n.d.).

With MSK Direct, your employees will have the benefit of:
Subspecialty expertise: MSK is 100% focused on cancer, with 1,400+ of the world’s leading multidisciplinary physicians subspecializing across 400+ common and rare cancers. 

Leading subspeciality expertise: MSK is 100% focused on cancer, subspecializing across 400+ common and rare cancers.

Superior outcomes: MSK has a 16% lower 3-year utilization than the average of all other hospitals for newly diagnosed cancer patients and 25% better 5-year survival rate.

Superior outcomes: MSK has a 25% better 5-year survival rate compared to other hospitals.

Getting the correct diagnosis first lowers unnecessary costs and care, while improving outcomes and quality of life.

An expert diagnosis and treatment plan: Getting the correct diagnosis first lowers unnecessary costs and improves outcomes.

Navigation: Whether it’s guidance to a quality center of excellence close to home, or getting an expedited appointment at MSK, our Certified Oncology Nurses provide options for members.

Guidance: Whether it’s connection to quality care close to home, or at MSK, our Oncology Certified Nurses provide options.

Psychosocial support: With 24/7 psychosocial support available to our members at any stage, MSK Direct closes gaps in support across the entire cancer journey. 

Care navigation: 24/7 psychosocial support is available to our members, across their entire cancer journey.

Access from anywhere: Our digital care planning tools and digital access provide equitable support for all people affected by cancer. 

Access from anywhere: Digital access and care planning tools provide equitable support to all members affected by cancer.

Carol Brown

“MSK Direct is a unique program that gives us an opportunity to help bridge the gap in terms of cancer health inequities.”- Carol Brown, MD, Chief Health Equity Officer and gynecologic cancer surgeon at MSK

Commitment to health equity

MSK Direct is an important element of MSK’s efforts to ensure there is equity in cancer care—so that each person has the resources, opportunities, and support they need to live a healthy life. It also means that people understand their cancer risk and have access to cancer screening, treatment, and survivorship care.  

Our team at MSK has created a culture that embraces differences, expanding access to exceptional cancer care for all. We also offer resources and services in multiple languages.