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MSK Direct has successfully partnered with employers across the nation to meet the varied needs of their workforce, which range from screening, prevention, and early detection, through supporting access to high-quality cancer care for those diagnosed with cancer and virtual expert medical opinions.

According to a recent survey published by the Business Group on Health, cancer has overtaken musculoskeletal conditions as the top driver of healthcare costs for large employers. The survey notes that 13% of employers said they are seeing more late-stage cancers, which translates to significantly higher medical costs.

Through MSK Direct, employers can focus on lowering healthcare costs and further support their employees by increasing access to cancer screenings, offering value-based oncology care, and creating solutions to better address the rising cost of specialty cancer drugs.

Where and how your employees are treated first matters.

MSK Direct seeks to mitigate the traditional barriers to accessing high-quality cancer care by providing people with the appropriate subspecialized cancer expertise in the care setting that is best for them.  As a world-leading authority, MSK has specialists who treat every type of adult and pediatric cancer, with expertise in surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, nursing, and supportive care.

We worked with MSK Direct to promote early detection of colorectal and lung cancer and saw a significant increase in screening rates year over year. We are proud of our collaboration with MSK Direct and believe it will have profound outcomes for our families.
— Total Rewards Experience Executive at Paramount

Evidence-based treatment from world-renowned experts.

MSK’s deep, subspecialized knowledge and experience leads to superior outcomes by aligning treatment plans with the latest evidence-based medicine. 

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