Senior Research Technician

Senior Research Technician


We are seeking a highly-motivated Senior Research Technician to provide laboratory support for the Molecular Cytogenetics Core Facility. The candidate must have the ability to independently perform routine laboratory procedures (tissue culture, karyotyping and FISH-based tests); operate Karyotyping and FISH imaging systems; participate in  housekeeping chores (prepare reagents, order supplies, maintain laboratory equipment, log books and databanks); and assist in the development/implementation of new tests.

Mailing Address

Gouri Nanjangud, PhD
Molecular Cytogenetics Core Facility
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
1275 York Ave, Box 362
New York, NY 10065



Application Requirements

A minimum of Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences. At least one year experience in molecular biology techniques (DNA isolation, PCR, DNA labeling), tissue culture and  karyotyping.