Molecular Cytogenetics: Overview

Molecular Cytogenetics: Overview


Services include:

  • Karyotype characterization of new cell lines
  • Confirmation of cell line identity or stability
  • Karyotype screening of ES cells prior to transgenesis
  • Mapping of transgene integration sites
  • Chromosome or locus copy number enumeration
  • Publication-quality illustrations

Cytogenetic techniques available:

  • Short-term cell culture
  • Metaphase chromosome preparation
  • G-banded karyotyping

FISH techniques available:

  • DNA labeling for custom probe generation (for FISH projects)
  • DNA amplification by DOP-PCR
  • Chromosome painting
  • FISH mapping (on chromosomes, interphase nuclei or DNA fibers)
  • Tissue FISH (paraffin or frozen sections)
  • Immuno-FISH (DNA FISH combined with fluorescent immunostaining)
  • Spectral karyotyping (SKY)
  • Q-FISH (measurement of telomere lengths)

The core Head will discuss individual projects with investigators and provide advice on the appropriate type of materials required and the techniques for achieving the most effective outcome. Requests for additional chromosomal staining techniques not specifically listed above can usually be accommodated.