Andrea Schietinger lab

The goal of our laboratory is to understand when, why, and how immune cells become unresponsive to tumors. We develop genetic cancer mouse models that mimic cancer development in patients, investigate T cell responses over the course of tumor development, and define the molecular and epigenetic mechanisms that are responsible for the failure to control and eliminate tumors. Detailed information about our research is available at

Andrea Schietinger

Andrea Schietinger, PhD

Associate Member, Immunology Program, SKI

Associate Professor

Research Focus

Cancer Immunologist Andrea Schietinger investigates immune responses to cancer, molecular mechanisms underlying tumor-induced T cell dysfunction, and new approaches for cancer immunotherapy.


PharmD, University of Hamburg, PhD, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL and University of Munich, Germany; Postdoctoral Training: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and University of Washington, Seattle

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