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SKI immunologist Andrea Schietinger
Discovery of a Stem-like T Cell in Type 1 Diabetes Holds Potential for Improving Cancer Immunotherapy, Sloan Kettering Institute Scientists Say
As an autoimmune disease, Type 1 diabetes raises important questions about immune cell activity that have broad implications for immunotherapy.
A scientist holding a tube in a lab
Sloan Kettering Institute Year in Review: 10 Noteworthy Science Breakthroughs of 2021
Take a look back at some of the biggest science stories from this past year.
In the Lab
Scientists at the Sloan Kettering Institute are learning why some immune cells are stubbornly hard to revive with immunotherapy.
Why Immune Cells Sometimes Fail to Fight Cancer (and What to Do about It)
By looking at how DNA is packaged in cells, scientists are teasing apart a long-standing conundrum about the immune response to cancer.
Pictured: Tumor Immunologist, Andrea Schietinger
At Work: Immunologist Andrea Schietinger
Learn about tumor immunologist Andrea Schietinger, who studies why immune cells sometimes fail to fight cancer.