The immune system represents a complex, interacting set of cells and molecules controlled by specific genes and their products. Immunology provides the basis for a whole range of problems relevant to other disciplines, including cell biology, structural biology, genetics, and medicine. Thus, the field of immunology crosses through and integrates multiple disciplines of biology and medicine.

The scope of immunology at the Sloan Kettering Institute incorporates a range of areas and expertise (both basic and translational science). A strength of the Immunology Program is the ability to translate laboratory findings into effective clinical applications.

Research in the Immunology Program focuses on several areas:

  • cell signaling
  • development in the thymus
  • T cell selection
  • antigen processing and presentation
  • genetic approaches to transplantation and active immunization
  • cancer immunology
  • infection and immunity
  • transplantation immunology
  • adoptive cellular therapies


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