Dimitar B. Nikolov: Publications

Dimitar B. Nikolov: Publications


Xu K, Tzvetkova-Robev D, Xu Y, Goldgur Y, Chan YP, Himanen JP, Nikolov DB. (2013). Insights into Eph receptor tyrosine kinase activation from crystal structures of the EphA4 ectodomain and its complex with ephrin-A5. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 110(36): 14634-9. PMCID: PMC3767517.

Yu X, Seegar TC, Dalton AC, Tzvetkova-Robev D, Goldgur Y, Rajashankar KR, Nikolov DB*, Barton WA*. (2013). Structural basis for angiopoietin-1-mediated signaling initiation. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 110(18): 7205-10. PMCID: PMC3645508.

Xu K, Wu Z, Renier N, Antipenko A, Tzvetkova-Robev D, Xu Y, Minchenko M, Nardi-Dei V, Rajashankar KR, Himanen J, Tessier-Lavigne M, Nikolov DB. (2014). Structures of netrin-1 bound to two receptors provide insight into its axon guidance mechanism. Science, 344(6189): 1275-1279. PMID: 24876346. PMCID: PMC4369087

Goldgur Y, Susi P, Karelehto E, Sanmark H, Lamminmäki U, Oricchio E, Wendel HG, Nikolov DB, Himanen JP. (2014) Generation and characterization of a single-chain anti-EphA2 antibody., Growth Factors, 32(6): 214-222. PMID: 25494541, PMCID: PMC4335687.

Xu K, Chan YP, Bradel-Tretheway B, Akyol-Ataman Z, Zhu Y, Dutta S, Yan L, Feng Y, Wang LF, Skiniotis G, Lee B, Zhou ZH, Broder CC, Aguilar HC, Nikolov DB. (2015). Crystal Structure of the Pre-fusion Nipah Virus Fusion Glycoprotein Reveals a Novel Hexamer-of-Trimers Assembly. PLoS Pathog, 8; 11(12): e1005322, PMCID: PMC4672880.

Xu K, Olsen O, Tzvetkova-Robev D, Tessier-Lavigne M, Nikolov DB. (2015). The crystal structure of DR6 in complex with the amyloid precursor protein provides insight into death receptor activation. Genes Dev, 29:1-6. PMID: 25838500. PMCID: PMC4403255.

Atapattu L, Saha N, Chheang C, Eissman MF, Xu K, Vail ME, Hii L, Llerena C, Liu Z, Horvay K, Abud HE, Kusebauch U, Moritz RL, Ding BS, Cao Z, Rafii S, Ernst M, Scott AM, Nikolov DB, Lackmann M, Janes PW. (2016). An activated form of ADAM10 is tumor selective and regulates cancer stem-like cells and tumor growth. J Exp Med, 213(9): 1741-57. PMCID: PMC 4995075.

Seegar TCM, Killingsworth LB, Saha N, Meyer PA, Patra D, Zimmerman B, Janes PW, Rubinstein E, Nikolov DB, Skiniotis G, Kruse AC, Blacklow SC. (2017). Structural Basis for Regulated Proteolysis by the α-Secretase ADAM10. Cell, 171(7):1638-1648., PMID: 29224781, PMCID: PMC5773094.


Barton WA, Dalton AC, Seegar TC, Himanen JP, and Nikolov DB. (2014). Tie2 and Eph Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Activation and Signaling, Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology: “Signaling by Receptor Tyrosine Kinases” edited by Joseph Schlessinger and Mark A. Lemmon, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, ISBN978-1-936113-33-0, pages 287-303. PMCID: PMC3949358.

Nikolov DB, Xu K, Himanen JP. (2014). Homotypic receptor-receptor interactions regulating Eph signaling. Cell Adh Migr, 8(4): 360-5. PMID: 25530219. PMCID: PMC4594565