Postdoctoral Position


Postdoctoral applications are welcomed. Positions are available in the Geissmann Lab to study development and functions of macrophages in cellular niches, for tissue growth and homeostasis, metabolism and inflammation, and tumor development, in Drosophila, mice and human patients. This project builds in particular on our previous work on fate-mapping,  genetic, live imaging, and functional characterization of resident tissue macrophages in mice (see for example Schulz et al Science 2012; Gomez-Perdiguero et al Nature 2014; Mass et al Science 2016; Stamatiades et al Cell 2016), and some evidence for conserved functions of resident macrophages in adult Drosophila (see Woodcock et al Immunity 2015).

The ideal candidate holds a doctoral degree, and wishes to pursue a career in scientific research. She or he thinks outside the box, is ambitious, hardworking, and has strong ethical values. She or he should have training in immunology, physiology and/or molecular biology; hands-on experience with intravital imaging in mice or Drosophila genetics are welcomed.

Application Requirements

All applicants can apply by submitting a short CV and cover letter to Frederic Geissmann at [email protected] and Anne Trumble at [email protected].