Jan Grimm: Featured News

three tobacco hornworm caterpillars held in a scientist's hand
Move Over, Mice: Caterpillars Could Replace Some Mammals in the Study of Human Disease
How scientists are working to develop nonmammalian alternatives that could reduce the number of rodents used in biomedical research.
In the Clinic
MSK molecular imaging specialist Jan Grimm
New Imaging Technique Could Improve Cancer Screening and Diagnosis in Developing Countries and Rural Areas
A new imaging approach relying on Cerenkov light could sometimes substitute for PET scans and improve diagnostic services in underserved areas.
In Brief
MSK light bright image
Can You Hear Me Now? Scientists Find Nanoparticles Have a Language of Their Own
Nanoparticles were thought of a silent partner in imaging technologies. They’re now being recognized as an important source of subatomic chatter.
Science Byte
Prostate cancer cells, colored red in scanning electron micrograph (SEM).
PSMA: A New Target for Prostate Cancer Treatment
Researchers have discovered how a high level of the protein PSMA in cells helps fuel prostate cancer.
Jan Grimm, MD, PhD
At Work: Radiologist and Nuclear Imaging Specialist Jan Grimm
Physician-scientist Jan Grimm works to develop innovative imaging approaches for diagnosing cancer.
In the Lab
Pictured: Jan Grimm
Spongelike Particles Show Promise for Delivering Drugs to Tumors
Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers are investigating the use of tiny particles that behave like sponges to take in drugs and deliver them to tumors.
In the Lab
Pictured: Daniel Thorek & Jan Grimm
Faster than the Speed of Light: New Imaging Approach Could Measure Tumor Activity
A new imaging approach being investigated by Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers could provide better information about a tumor’s molecular activity, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis.