Emily C. Casey, PhD

Principal Scientific Communication Lead at Genentech, San Francisco, CA

Emily C. Casey, PhD

Principal Scientific Communication Lead at Genentech, San Francisco, CA
Emily Casey

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BS, Cornell University

Science is constantly moving forward. It is never stagnant, and it pushes the boundaries of what we know and believe every second of every day. Being part of that is an amazing thing. In addition to my passion for science, I knew I wanted to acquire the skill set required to be a PhD. The analytical and critical-thinking skills you learn throughout your PhD education — through your mentor and peers and the obstacles you face every day in the lab — allow you to pursue any career option you want after graduate school. And at Gerstner Sloan Kettering, the program is like no other graduate course available. Its condensed, intensive setup allows students to learn all the basics necessary to begin a PhD in just under a year.


Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Individual National Research Service Award (NIH F31) (2015-2017)

Geoffrey Beene Graduate Student Fellowship (2012-2013)



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Han L, Witmer PD, Casey E, Valle D, Sukumar S. (2007) DNA methylation regulates MicroRNA expression. (2007) Cancer Biol Ther., 6, 1284-8.

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