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Conleth Murphy, MD

Postdoctoral Fellow


Drs. Mary Ellen Moynahan & Maria Jasin

Current Position: Medical Oncologist at Breast Care Center Bon Secours Hospital-Cork  in Ireland


PARP Inhibitors in Clinical Use Induce Genomic Instability in Normal Human Cells

S Ito, CG Murphy, E Doubrovina, M Jasin, ME Moynahan

PloS one 11 (7), e0159341 (2016)

Homology-Directed Repair Is Diminished in PTEN-Positive Breast Tumor Cells.

C Murphy, J Singh, E Brunet, T Jackson, Q She, M Jasin, M Moynahan

Cancer Research 69 (24 Supplement), 1120-1120 (2009)