Jeannine Ruth LaRocque, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Jeannine Ruth LaRocque, PhD


Dr. Maria Jasin

Current Position: Assistant Professor at Department of Human Science - Georgetown University in Washington, DC


Zhang, Y, F Vanoli, JR LaRocque, PM Krawczyk, M Jasin. “Biallelic targeting of expressed genes in mouse embryonic stem cells using the Cas9 system.” Methods 69.2 (2014): 171-8.

LaRocque, JR, JM Stark, J Oh, E Bojilova, K Yusa, K Horie, J Takeda, M Jasin.”Inter-homolog recombination and loss of heterozygosity in wild-type and BLM-deficient mammalian cells.” Proceeding from the National Academy of Sciences 108.29 (2011): 11971-11976.

LaRocque, JR, M Jasin. “Mechanisms of recombination between diverged sequences in wild-type and BLM-deficient mouse and human cells.” Mol Cell Biol 30.8 (2010): 1887-1897.