Thane Than, PhD

Former Research Fellow

Thane Than, PhD

Former Research Fellow
Thane Than

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The University of Sheffield, PhD

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Civil Servant, Her Majesty’s Civil Service, UK


Kaushik A, Than T, Petela NJ, Voulgaris M, Percival C, Daniels P, Rafferty JB, Nasmyth KA, Hu B. (2023). Conformational dynamics of cohesin/Scc2 loading complex are regulated by Smc3 acetylation and ATP binding. Nat Commun. 14:5929.

Chang JT, Li S, Beckwitt E, Than T, Haluska C, Chandanani J, O’Donnell ME, Zhao X*, Liu S* (*co-corresponding authors). (2022). Smc5/6’s multi-faceted DNA binding capacities stabilize branched DNA structuresNat Commun 13:7179

Yu Y, Li S, Ser Z, Kuang H, Than T, Guan D, Zhao X, Patel DJ. (2022). Cryo-EM structure of DNA-bound Smc5/6 reveals DNA clamping enabled by multi-subunit conformational changes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 119:e2202799119.

Bürmann, F., Lee, B., Than, T., Sinn, L., O’Reilly, F., Yatskevich, S., Rappsilber, J., Hu, B., Nasmyth, K. and Löwe, J. (2019). A folded conformation of MukBEF and cohesin. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. 26:227-236.