Xiaolan Zhao: Publications

Xiaolan Zhao: Publications


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Selected Papers in the Past 5 years

Li Q, Zhang J, Haluska C, Zhang X, Wang L, Liu G, Wang Z, Jin D, Cheng T, Wang H, Tian Y, Wang X, Sun L, Zhao X*, Chen4 Z*, Wang L* (*co-corresponding authors) (2024) Cryo-EM structures of Smc5/6 in multiple states reveal its assembly and functional mechanisms. Nat Struc Mol Biol (in press).

Fan J, Dhingra N, Yang T, Yang V, Zhao X (2024) Srs2 binding to PCNA and its sumoylation contribute to RPA antagonism during the DNA damage response bioRxiv 2024.03.28.587206.

Zhao R, Xu M, Wondisford AR, Lackner RM, Salsman J, Dellaire G, Chenoweth DM, O’Sullivan RJ, Zhao X, Zhang H (2024). SUMO Promotes DNA Repair Protein Collaboration to Support Alterative Telomere Lengthening in the Absence of PML. bioRxiv 2024.02.29.582813.

O’Leary DR, Hansen AR, Fingerman DR, Tran T, Harris BR, Hayer KE, Fan J, Chen, E Tennekoon M, DeWeerd RA, Meroni A, Szeto JH, Weitzman MD, Shalem O, Bednarski J, Vindigni A, Zhao X Green AM (2024) The SMC5/6 complex is required for maintenance of genome integrity upon APOBEC3A-mediated replication stress. EMBJO J (in press).

Li S, You Y, Zheng J, Miller-Browne V, Ser Z, Kuang H, Patel D, Zhao X (2023) Molecular basis for Nse5-6 mediated regulation of Smc5/6 functions Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 120:e2310924120.

Peng XP, and Zhao X (2023) The multi-functional Smc5/6 complex in genome protection and disease. Nat. Struc. Mol. Biol. 30: 724-734.

Meng M, Claussin C, Regan-Mochrie G, Whitehouse I, Zhao X (2023) Balancing act of a leading strand DNA polymerase specific domain and its exonuclease domain promotes genome-wide sister replication fork symmetry. Genes Dev 37: 74-79. 

Huang W, Qiu F, Zheng L, Shi M, Shen M, ZhaoX, Xiang S (2023) Structural insights into Rad18 targeting by the SLF1 BRCT domains. J Biol Cell 299:105288.

ChangJT, Li S, Beckwitt E, Than T, HaluskaC, Chandanani J, O’Donnell ME, Zhao X*, Liu S* (*co-corresponding authors) (2022) Smc5/6’s multi-faceted DNA binding capacities stabilize branched DNA structures. Nat Commun 13:7179.

Regan-Mochrie G, Hoggard T, Bhagwat N, LynchG, Hunter N, Remus D, Fox C, Zhao X (2022) Yeast ORC sumoylation status fine-tunes origin licensing. Genes Dev. 36:807-821.

Kuppa S, Deveryshetty J, Chadda R, Mattice J, Pokhrel N, Patterson A, Pangeni A, Dhingra N, Sadauskas MK, Gyawali P, Balci H, Ha T, Zhao X, Bothner B, and Antony E (2022) Configurational stapling of RPA by Rtt105 prevents untimely interactions with DNA metabolic proteins. Nat Commun 13:5152.

Li M, Zhong A, Wu Y, Sidharta M, Beaury M, Zhao X, Studer L, Zhou T (2022). Transient inhibition of p53 enhances Prime editing and Cytosine base editing efficiencies in human pluripotent stem cells. Nat Commun. 13:6354.

Li S, Mutchler S, ZhuX, SoS, Epps J, Guan D, Zhao X*, Xue X* (*co-corresponding authors) (2022). Multi-faceted regulation in the sumoylation of the Sgs1 DNA helicase. JBC 298:102092.

Yu Y, Li S, Ser Z, Kuang HThan T, Guan D, Zhao X*, Patel DJ* (*co-corresponding authors) (2022). Cryo-EM structure of DNA-bound Smc5/6 reveals DNA clamping enabled by multi-subunit conformational changes. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA.119: e2202799119.

Jo A, Li S, Woo Shin J, Zhao X, Cho Y (2021). Structure Basis for Shaping the Nse4 protein by the Nse1 and Nse3 dimer within the Smc5/6 complex. J Mol Biol. 4:166910.

Dhingra N, Zhao X (2021) Advances in SUMO-based regulation of homologous recombinationCurr Opin Genet Dev. 71:114-119.

Yu Y, Li S, Ser Z, Sanyal T, Choi K, Wan B, Kuang H, Sali A, Kentsis A, Patel DJ, Zhao X (2021). Integrative analysis reveals unique structural and functional features of the Smc5/6 complex. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 118: e2026844118.

Li S, Bonner JB, Wan B, So S, Summers A, Gonzalez L, Xue X, and Zhao X (2021). Esc2 orchestrates substrate-specific sumoylation by acting as a SUMO E2 cofactor in genome maintenance. Genes Dev. 35: 261-272.

Shen M, Dhingra N, Wang Q, Gong X, Xu X, Niu H, Zhao X, Xiang S (2021). Structure of Rad5 provides insights into its role in tolerance to replication stress. Mol Cell Oncol 8: 1889348.

Dhingra N, Kuppa S, Wei L, Pokhrel N, Baburyan S, Meng X, Antony E, Zhao X (2021). The Srs2 helicase dampens DNA damage checkpoint by recycling RPA from chromatin. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 118: e2020185118. 

Shen M, Dhingra N, Wang Q, Cheng C, Zhu S, Tian X, Yu J, Gong X, Xu L, Chao Z, Zhang H, Xu X, Zhai L, Xie M, Gao Y, Deng H, He Y, Niu H, Zhao X, and Xiang S (2021). Structural basis for the multi-activity factor Rad5 in replication stress tolerance. Nat Commun. 12:321.

Meng X, Wei L, Devbhandari S, Zhang T, Xiang J, Remus D, Zhao X (2020). DNA polymerase ε relies on a unique domain for efficient replisome assembly and strand synthesis. Nat Commun 11:2437.

Whalen JM, Dhingra N, Wei L, Zhao X, Freudenreich CH (2020). Relocation of Collapsed Forks to the Nuclear Pore Complex Depends on Sumoylation of DNA Repair Proteins and Permits Rad51 Association. Cell Rep. 31:107635.

Meng X, Lei W, Peng X and Zhao X (2019). Sumoylation of the DNA polymerase ε by the Smc5/6 complex contributes to DNA replication. PLoS Genetics 15:e1008426.

Dhingra N and Zhao X (2019). Intricate SUMO-based control of the homologous recombination machinery. Genes Dev 33:1346-1354.

Wan B, Wu J, Meng X, Lei M, and Zhao X (2019). Molecular Basis for Control of Diverse Genome Stability Factors by the Multi-BRCT Scaffold Rtt107. Mol Cell 75:238-251.

Dhingra N, Wei L, and Zhao X (2019). Replication protein A (RPA) sumoylation positively influences the DNA damage checkpoint response in yeast. J Biol Chem 294: 2690-2699.