Yanyang Chen

Graduate Research Assistant
Chen Yanyang

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BA, Columbia University; BS, City University of Hong Kong

In my opinion, science is about finding patterns and clarity within complex and chaotic systems. I enjoy the inquiry process indigenous to science and how the answer to one question almost always leads to a series of more intriguing and difficult questions. My current research interest focuses on understanding how DNA damage occurs upon nuclear envelope rupture and how large-scale chromosomal rearrangements can happen in a one-off event. As a GSK student, I’m granted ample freedom and resources to explore these questions with a supportive faculty in a nurturing environment. The lean management and student-centric philosophy of the GSK program enables me to focus on the science and avoid getting sidetracked, which is why I chose GSK to pursue a PhD.


  • Experimental Immuno-Oncology Scholars Program (2022-2024)