Yun-Han Huang, PhD

Medical Student, Weill Cornell Medical School

Yun-Han Huang, PhD

Medical Student, Weill Cornell Medical School

Yun-Han Huang, BS

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Escape from TGFß Tumor Suppression in Pancreatic Cancer (2018)

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BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

As I child, I used to go with my father on field trips to catch frogs and salamanders for his research, and I was fascinated by the creative ways in which scientists answered important questions. In my own research, I’m generally interested in better understanding the biological mechanisms of disease in order to facilitate the design of more rational treatment regimens. I’m focused on TGF-beta signaling in the suppression and progression of cancer. The scientific environment at Memorial Sloan Kettering is exceptional for such collaborative, translational research, and Gerstner Sloan Kettering’s core course is well designed to introduce students to the spectrum of work being done at MSK.

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MD-PhD Medical Student at Weill Cornell School


Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award for Individual Predoctoral MD/PhD Fellows (F30), 2016-2019