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Career Opportunities

We are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher who is interested in developing and applying quantitative imaging techniques to address fundamental medical and biological questions in live animals.

We are interested in:

  1. The regulatory circuits that underlie initial detection of epithelial tissue damage by leukocytes, and the roles that intrinsic damage signals (e.g. cell lysis/DAMP-signaling) and extrinsic/environmental damage signals (e.g. osmotic signaling) play in this process.

  2. The chemical and biophysical mechanisms that allow rapid wound closure in complex, multilayered epithelia, and points of crosstalk between epithelial wound repair and defense.

Application Requirements

  • Excellent knowledge of standard molecular biology/biochemistry/genetic techniques.
  • Experience with widefield/confocal live microscopy & image analysis.
  • Optional: Basic programming/scripting experience (e.g. MatLab, Java)

The application should comprise:

  • Statement of research interest and how this relates to the lab’s interest.
  • Reprints of 1-2 first authorship publications (international, peer-reviewed journals).
  • On request: At least 2 letters of reference separately submitted by previous advisors.