The Philipp Niethammer Lab

Pictured: The Niethammer Lab

To heal and regenerate, tissues must “know” that they are injured. How wound detection occurs is unclear. If it malfunctions, infection, allergic disease, sterile inflammation, and fibrosis, or cancer may result. What are the first cues that unleash rapid inflammatory and healing responses after injury? We study the elusive Signal 0 of wound detection. We hope that this ultimately will enable us to stop vicious auto-inflammatory circles at the doorstep, or to turn immune cells against tumors.

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Selected Achievements

  • Dorsett L. Spurgeon Distinguished Research Award (2009)
  • Louis Gerstner Young Investigator (2012)
  • American Asthma Foundation Scholar (2014)
  • Louise and Allston Boyer Young Investigator Award (2018)