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In the Lab
X and Y chromosomes in mice
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (Especially for Sex Chromosomes)
One’s big, one’s small. Somehow, they make it work.
Scott Keeney
At Work: Molecular Biologist Scott Keeney
Molecular biologist Scott Keeney studies the molecular mechanisms that make germ cell tumors responsive or resistant to chemotherapy.
Five scientists in a lab
Out of the Closet, into the Lab: Five LGBTQ Scientists Share Their Stories
What's it like being LGBTQ in the world of science? We asked some MSK scientists to find out.
Science Byte
Illustration of DNA with green wrench making adjustments to a nut on the double helix.
A Clean Break: Scientists Make Surprising Discoveries about DNA Repair
A study reveals unexpected insights into how cells prepare broken DNA strands to be rejoined, preventing mutations that can cause cancer.