The Thomas Vierbuchen Lab: Publications


Renthal W*, Boxer LD*, Hrvatin S, Li E, Silberfeld A, Nagy MA, Griffith EC, Vierbuchen T, Greenberg ME. Characterization of human mosaic Rett syndrome brain tissue by single-nucleus RNA sequencing. Nature Neuroscience (in press)

Vierbuchen T*, Ling E*, Cowley C, Couch C, Harmin DA, Wang X, Roberts CW, Greenberg ME.  AP-1 transcription factors and the BAF complex mediate signal-dependent enhancer selection. Molecular Cell 68, 1067-1082 (2017)

Mall M, Kareta M, Chanda S, Ahlenius H, Perotti N, Greider S, Ge X, Drake S, Ang CE, Vierbuchen T, Fuentes D et al.  Myt1l safeguards neuronal identity by actively repressing non-neuronal fates. Nature 544, 245-249 (2017)

Malik AN*, Vierbuchen T*, Hemberg M, Rubin AA, Ling E, Couch CH, Stroud H, Spiegel I, Farh KK, Harmin DA, Greenberg ME. Genome-wide identification and characterization of functional neuronal activity-dependent enhancers. Nature Neuroscience 10, 1330-39 (2014)

Wapinski OL*, Vierbuchen T*, Qu K, Lee QY, Chanda S, Fuentes D, et al. Hierarchical mechanisms for transcription factor-mediated reprogramming of fibroblasts to neurons. Cell 155(3), 621-35 (2013)     

Webb AE, Pollina E, Vierbuchen T, Ucar D, Avellaneda NU, Martynoga B, Sewak M, Wernig M, Guillemot F, Brunet A.  FOXO3 shares common targets with ASCL1 genome-wide and inhibits ASCL1-dependent neurogenesis. Cell Reports 4(3), 477-91 (2013)

Yang N, Zuchero JB, Ahnlenius H, Marro S, Ng YH, Vierbuchen T, Barres BA, Wernig M.  Generation of oligodendroglial cells by direct lineage conversion. Nature Biotechnology 31, 434-439 (2013)

Vierbuchen T, M Wernig.  Molecular roadblocks for cellular reprogramming. Molecular Cell 47, 827-838 (2012)

Vierbuchen T, M Wernig. Direct Lineage Conversions: Unnatural but useful? Nature Biotechnology 29, 892-907 (2011)

Pang ZP*, Yang N*, Vierbuchen T* et al.  Induction of human neuronal cells by defined transcription factors. Nature 476, 220-223 (2011)             

Vierbuchen T, Ostermeier A, Pang ZP, Kokubu Y, Sudhof T, Wernig M.  Direct conversion of fibroblasts to functional neurons by defined factors. Nature 463, 1035–1041 (2010)