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SKI cell biologists Junmei Yi and Xuejun Jiang
More Evidence that Cellular ‘Death by Iron’ Could Be Promising Avenue of Cancer Treatment
Cancers with certain mutations are vulnerable to ferroptosis, a form of iron-dependent cell death.
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Scientists See Potential in Cellular 'Death by Iron' for Cancer Treatment
This form of cell death is called ferroptosis, and certain cancer cells are especially vulnerable to it.
Novel Regulation of the Common Tumor Suppressor PTEN
Researchers led by scientists at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center have now identified fundamentally novel regulatory mechanisms of <i>PTEN</i> function. The findings from two related studies are published in the January 12 issue of <i>Cell</i>.
Xuejun Jiang
At Work: Cell Biologist Xuejun Jiang
Xuejun Jiang heads a laboratory at the Sloan Kettering Institute, where he continues to help unlock the mysteries of programmed cell death.