Xuejun Jiang: Publications


10 Selected Research Publications and 2 Reviews

Wu J, Minikes AM, Gao M, Bian H, Li Y, Stockwell BR, Chen ZN, Jiang X.  Intercellular interaction dictates cancer cell ferroptosis via NF2-YAP signalling.  Nature 2019 Aug:572(7770):E20, PMCID: PMC6697195 

Gao M, Yi J, Zhu J, Minikes AM, Monian P, Thompson CB, Jiang X. Role of mitochondria in ferroptosis. Molecular Cell 2019 (73):354-363. PMCID: PMC6338496

Gao M, Monian P, Pan Q, Zhang W, Xiang J, Jiang X. Ferroptosis Is an Autophagic Cell Death Process. Cell Research 2016 Sept 26(9):1021-32. PMCID: PMC5034113

Wong P, Feng Y, Wang J, Shi R, and Jiang X. Regulation of Autophagy by Coordinated Action of mTORC1 and Protein Phosphatase 2A. Nature Communications 2015 Aug 27; 6:8048. PMCID: PMC4552084

Gao M, Monian P, Quadri N, Ramasamy R, and Jiang X. Glutaminolysis and Transferrin Regulate Ferroptosis. Molecular Cell 2015 (59): 298-308. PMCID: PMC4506736

Shi Y, Wang J, Chandarlapaty S, Cross J, Thompson C, Rosen N, Jiang X. PTEN Is a Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase for IRS1. Nat Struct. Mol. Biol. 2014 (21) 522-527. PMCID: PMC4167033

Gammoh N, Florey O, Overholtzer M, & Jiang X. Interaction Between FIP200 and ATG16L1 Distinguishes ULK1 Complex-Dependent and -Independent Autophagy. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 2013 (20) 144-149. PMCID: PMC3565010

Feldman T, Kabaleeswaran, Jang S, Antczak C, Djaballah H, Wu H, Jiang X. A Class of Allosteric Caspase Inhibitors Identified by High-Throughput Screening. Molecular Cell 2012 (47) 585-595. PMCID: PMC3428514

Gammoh N, Lam D, Puente C, Ganley IG, Marks PA, Jiang X. Role of Autophagy in Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor-Induced Apoptotic and Non-Apoptotic Cell Death. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2012 (109) 6561-6565. PMCID: PMC3340088

Ganley IG, Wong P-M, Gammoh N, Jiang X. Distinct Autophagosomal-Lysosomal Fusion Mechanism Revealed by Thapsigargin-Induced Autophagy Arrest. Molecular Cell 2011 (42):731-743. PMCID: PMC3124681

Gao M, Jiang X. To Eat or Not to Eat – the Metabolic Flavor of Ferroptosis. Current Opinion in Cell Biology 2018 (51) 58-64. PMCID: PMC5949249. (Review).

Jiang X, Overholtzer M, Thompson C. Autophagy in Cellular Metabolism and Cancer. J. Clin. Invest. 2015 (125): 47-54. PMCID: PMC4382242. (Review).