The Xuejun Jiang Lab: Publications

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Research Publications

Gammoh N, Florey O, Overholtzer M, & Jiang X. Interaction Between FIP200 and ATG16L1 Distinguishes ULK1 Complex-Dependent and -Independent Autophagy. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 2013 (20) 144-149. PMCID: PMC3565010

Shi Y, Wang J, Chandarlapaty S, Cross J, Thompson C, Rosen N, Jiang X. PTEN Is a Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase for IRS1. Nat Struct. Mol. Biol. 2014 (21) 522-527. PMCID: PMC4167033

Gao M, Monian P, Quadri N, Ramasamy R, and Jiang X. Glutaminolysis and Transferrin Regulate Ferroptosis. Molecular Cell 2015 (59): 298-308. PMID: 26166707. PMCID: PMC4506736

Wong P, Feng Y, Wang J, Shi R, and Jiang X. Regulation of Autophagy by Coordinated Action of mTORC1 and Protein Phosphatase 2A. Nature Communications 2015 Aug 27; 6:8048. PMCID: PMC4552084 [PMID 26310906]

Choi S, Chen Z, Tang LH, Fang Y, Narula N, Shin SJ, Panarelli NC, Li Y, Jiang X, Du Y. Bcl-xL Promotes Metastasis Independent of its Anti-apoptotic Activity. Nature Communications 2016 Jan 20;7:10384. doi: 10.1038/ncomms10384. PMCID: PMC4735924.

Gammoh N, Fraser J, Puente C, Syred HM, Kang H, Ozawa T, Lam D, Acosta JC, Finch AJ, Holland E, Jiang X. Suppression of autophagy impedes glioblastoma development and induces senescence. Autophagy 2016 (12):1431-9. PMCID: PMC5082770.

Gao M, Monian P, Pan Q, Zhang W, Xiang J, Jiang X. Ferroptosis Is an Autophagic Cell Death Process. Cell Research 2016 Sept 26(9):1021-32. PMCID: PMC5034113

Liu Y, Guardia-Laguarta C, Yin J, Erdjument-Bromage H, Martin B, James M, Jiang X, Przedborski S. The Ubiquitination of PINK1 Is Restricted to Its Mature 52-kDa Form. Cell Rep. 2017 (20):30-39. doi:10.1016/j.celrep.2017.06.022. PMCID: PMC5745057

Stockwell B et al. Ferroptosis: A Regulated Cell death Nexus Linking Metabolism, Redox Biology, and Disease. Cell 2017 (171) 273-285. (Review)

Gao M, Jiang X. To Eat or Not to Eat – the Metabolic Flavor of Ferroptosis. Current Opinion in Cell Biology 2018 (51) 58-64. (Review)