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In the Lab
Physician-scientist Alex Kentsis
Research Shows How Common Feature of Blood Cancers Can Be Targeted
Research points to the role of a protein called MYB, which has long been known to play a role in cancer.
In the Lab
Cancer biologist and pediatric oncologist Alex Kentsis
Analyzing Urine Can Guide the Treatment of Childhood Kidney Tumors
A protein detected in the urine of children with Wilms’ tumor led to the development of a test to improve diagnosis and treatment.
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Gears with 2016 and 2017
Year in Review: The Science and Technology that Shaped Cancer Care in 2017
As 2017 draws to a close, take a look back at the scientific discoveries that deepened our understanding of cancer in the past year.
Science Byte
Cancer biologist and pediatric oncologist Alex Kentsis
Blocking Enzymes That Signal DNA Damage Could Be a Treatment Strategy for Childhood Cancers
A new strategy for treating pediatric cancers involves preventing cells from repairing their own DNA.
In the Lab
Cancer biologist and pediatric oncologist Alex Kentsis
Jumping Genes and the Dark Genome: MSK Researchers Gain New Insight into Childhood Cancers
Researchers have discovered a genetic mechanism that may trigger most childhood cancers.
Alex Kentsis in his lab
Research Uncovers the Genetic Causes of Aggressive Leukemia in Children
Researchers have found that the genetic changes that cause pediatric leukemia are different from those that lead to leukemia in adults.