The Alex Kentsis Lab: Publications


Keller et al. Childhood cancer mutagenesis caused by a domesticated DNA transposase. In Preparation. 

Jubierre et al. An ancient DNA transposase responsible for human brain development. In Preparation.

Kwok et al. Integrative proteogenomics using ProteomeGenerator2. In Preparation. 

Takao et al. Epigenetic mechanisms controlling human leukemia stem cells and therapy resistance. Submitted.

Cifani P, Kentsis A. Quantitative Cell Proteomic Atlas: Pathway-scale targeted mass spectrometry for high-resolution functional profiling of cell signaling. Submitted.

Bigot Y, Yamada M, Alves S, Lecomte T, Kentsis A. Analysis of DNA transposition by DNA transposases in human cells. Submitted.

Heikamp EB, Henrich JA, Perner F, Wong EM, Hatton C, Wen Y, Barwe SP, Gopalakrishnapillai A, Xu H, Uckelmann HJ, Takao S, Kazansky Y, Pikman Y, McGeehan GM, Kolb EA, Kentsis A, Armstrong SA. The menin-MLL1 interaction is a molecular dependency in NUP98-rearranged AML. Blood, 2022

Cifani P, Kentsis A. Automated Multidimensional Nanoscale Chromatography for Ultrasensitive Targeted Mass Spectrometry. Methods Mol Biol, 2022

Cifani P, Li Z, Luo D, Grivainis M, Intlekofer AM, Fenyö D, Kentsis A. Discovery of Protein Modifications Using Differential Tandem Mass Spectrometry Proteomics. J Proteome Research, 2021

Takao S, Forbes L, Uni M, Cheng S, Pineda JMB, Tarumoto Y, Cifani P, Minuesa G, Chen C, Kharas MG, Bradley RK, Vakoc CR, Koche RP, Kentsis A. Convergent organization of aberrant MYB complex controls oncogenic gene expression in acute myeloid leukemia. eLife, 2021

Kentsis A. Why do young people get cancer? Pediatr Blood Cancer, 2020

Kentsis A, Frank SA. Developmental Mutators and Early Onset Cancer. Front Pediatr, 2020

Ortiz MV, Ahmed S, Burns M, Henssen AG, Hollmann TJ, MacArthur I, Gunasekera S, Gaewsky L, Bradwin G, Ryan J, Letai A, He Y, Naranjo A, Chi YY, LaQuaglia M, Heaton T, Cifani P, Dome JS, Gadd S, Perlman E, Mullen E, Steen H, Kentsis A. Prohibitin is a prognostic marker and therapeutic target to block chemotherapy resistance in Wilms’ tumor. JCI Insight, 2019

Ser Z, Cifani P, Kentsis A. Optimized cross-linking mass spectrometry for in situ interaction proteomics. J Proteome Research, 2019

McNeer NA, Philip J, Geiger H, Ries RE, Lavallée VP, Walsh M, Shah M, Arora K, Emde AK, Robine N, Alonzo TA, Kolb EA, Gamis AS, Smith M, Gerhard DS, Guidry-Auvil J, Meshinchi S, Kentsis A. Genetic mechanisms of primary chemotherapy resistance in pediatric acute myeloid leukemia. Leukemia, 2018 

Cifani P, Dhabaria A, Chen Z, Yoshimi A, Kawaler E, Abdel-Wahab O, Poirier JT, Kentsis A. ProteomeGenerator: A framework for comprehensive proteomics based on de novo transcriptome assembly and high-accuracy peptide mass spectral matching. J Proteome Research, 2018 

Brown FC, Still E, Koche RP, Yim CY, Takao S, Cifani P, Reed C, Gunasekera S, Ficarro SB, Romanienko P, Mark W, McCarthy C, de Stanchina E, Gonen M, Seshan V, Bhola P, O’Donnell C, Spitzer B, Stutzke C, Lavallée VP, Hébert J, Krivstov AV, Melnick A, Paietta EM, Tallman MS, Letai A, Sauvageau G, Pouliot G, Levine R, Marto JA, Armstrong SA, Kentsis A. MEF2C phosphorylation is required for chemotherapy resistance in acute myeloid leukemia. Cancer Discovery, 2018

Ramaswamy K, Forbes L, Minuesa G, Gindin T, Brown F, Kharas MG, Krivtsov AV, Armstrong SA, Still E, de Stanchina E, Knoechel B, Koche R, Kentsis A. Peptidomimetic blockade of MYB in acute myeloid leukemia. Nature Communications, 2018

Gutierrez A & Kentsis A. Acute myeloid/T-lymphoblastic leukaemia (AMTL): a distinct category of acute leukaemias with common pathogenesis in need of improved therapy. Br J Haematol, 2018

Henssen A, Reed C, Jiang E, Garcia HD, von Stebut J, MacArthur I, Hundsdoerfer P, Kim JH, de Stanchina E, Kuwahara Y, Hosoi H, Ganem NJ, Dela Cruz F, Kung AL, Schulte JH, Petrini JH, Kentsis A. Therapeutic targeting of PGBD5-induced DNA repair dependency in pediatric solid tumors. Science TM, 2017

Cifani P, Kentsis A. High sensitivity quantitative proteomics using automated multidimensional nano-flow chromatography and accumulated ion monitoring on quadrupole-Orbitrap-linear ion trap mass spectrometer. Mol Cell Proteomics, 2017

Henssen A, Koche R, Zhuang J, Jiang E, Reed C, Eisenberg A, Still E, Rodriguez-Fos E, Gonzalez S, Puiggros M, Blackford A, Mason C, De Stanchina E, Gonen M, Emde A, Shah M, Arora K, Reeves C, Socci N, Perlman E, Antonescu C, Roberts C, Steen H, Mullen E, Jackson S, Torrents D, Weng Z, Armstrong S, Kentsis A. PGBD5 promotes site-specific oncogenic mutations in human tumors. Nature Genetics, 2017

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Henssen AG, Jiang E, Zhuang J, Pinello L, Socci ND, Koche R, Gonen M, Villasante CM, Armstrong SA, Bauer DE, Weng Z, Kentsis A. Forward genetic screen of human transposase genomic rearrangements. BMC Genomics, 2016

Ortiz MV, Kobos R, Walsh M, Slotkin EK, Roberts S, Berger MF, Hameed M, Solit D, Ladanyi M, Shukla N, Kentsis A. Integrating Genomics Into Clinical Pediatric Oncology Using the Molecular Tumor Board at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Pediatr Blood Cancer, 2016

Henssen AG, Henaff E, Jiang E, Eisenberg AR, Carson JR, Villasante CM, Ray M, Still E, Burns M, Gandara J, Feschotte C, Mason CE, Kentsis A. Genomic DNA transposition induced by human PGBD5. eLife, 2015

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McGee SF, Kornblau SM, Qiu Y, Look AT, Zhang N, Yoo SY, Coombes KR, Kentsis A. Biological properties of ligand-dependent activation of the MET receptor kinase in acute myeloid leukemia. Leukemia, 2015

Mansour MR, Reed C, Eisenberg AR, Tseng JC, Twizere JC, Daakour S, Yoda A, Rodig SJ, Tal N, Shochat C, Berezovskaya A, DeAngelo DJ, Sallan SE, Weinstock DM, Izraeli S, Kung AL, Kentsis A, Look AT. Cite Targeting oncogenic interleukin-7 receptor signalling with N-acetylcysteine in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Br J Haematol, 2015

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