Christopher D. Lima: Publications


Research Articles

Weick, E.M., Puno, M.R., Januszyk, K., Zinder, J.C., DiMattia, M.A., Lima, C.D. Helicase-Dependent RNA Decay Illuminated by a Cryo-EM Structure of a Human Nuclear RNA Exosome-MTR4 Complex. Cell 173, 1663-1677 (2018)

Wasmuth, E.V., Zinder, J.C., Zattas, D., Das, M., and Lima, C.D. Structure and reconstitution of yeast Mpp6-nuclear exosome complexes reveals that Mpp6 stimulates RNA decay and recruits the Mtr4 helicase. Elife Jul 25;6. pii: e29062. doi: 10.7554/eLife.29062 (2017)

Streich FC Jr, Lima CD. Capturing a substrate in an activated RING E3/E2-SUMO complex. Nature 536, 304-308 (2016)

Zinder, J.C., Wasmuth, E.V., and Lima, C.D. Nuclear RNA exosome at 3.1 A reveals substrate specificities, RNA paths, and allosteric inhibition of Rrp44. Mol Cell 64, 734-735. (2016)

Cappadocia, L., Pichler, A., and Lima, C.D. Structural basis for catalytic activation by the human ZNF451 SUMO E3 ligase. Nat Struct Mol Biol 22, 968-975. (2015)

Bekes, M., van der Heden van Noort, G.J., Ekkebus, R., Ovaa, H., Huang, T.T., and Lima, C.D. Recognition of Lys48-linked di-ubiquitin and deubiquitinating activities of the SARS coronavirus papain-like protease. Mol Cell 62, 572-585. (2016)

Wasmuth EV, Januszyk K, Lima CD. Structure of an Rrp6-RNA exosome complex bound to poly(A) RNA. Nature 511, 435-439 (2014)

Armstrong AA, Mohideen F, Lima CD. Recognition of SUMO-modified PCNA requires tandem receptor motifs in Srs2. Nature 483, 59-63 (2012)

Review Articles

Cappadocia, L., Lima, C.D. Ubiquitin-like Protein Conjugation: Structures, Chemistry and Mechanism. Chem Rev. 118, 889-918 (2018)

Zinder, J.C. and Lima, C.D. Targeting RNA for processing or destruction by the eukaryotic RNA exosome and its cofactors. Genes & Dev 31, 88-100 (2017).