Eric C. Lai: Publications

Eric C. Lai: Publications


Recent Lai Lab Publications

Shang R, Lee S, Senavirathne G, Lai EC (2023). microRNAs in action: biogenesis, function and regulation. Nat Rev Genet.

Vedanayagam J, Herbette M, Mudgett H, Lin CJ, Lai CM, McDonough-Goldstein C, Dorus S, Loppin B, Meiklejohn C, Dubruille R, Lai EC (2023). Essential and recurrent roles for hairpin RNAs in silencing de novo sex chromosome conflict in Drosophila simulans. PLoS Biol. 

Lee S, Chen YC, FCA Consortium, Gillen A, Taliaferro JM, Deplancke B, Li H and Lai EC (2022). Diverse cell-specific patterns of alternative polyadenylation in Drosophila. Nature Communications

Zheng L, Liu J, Niu L, Kamran M, Yang A, Jolma A, Dai Q, Hughes TR, Patel DJ, Zhang L, Prasanth SG, Yu Y, Ren A and Lai EC (2022). Distinct structural bases for sequence-specific DNA binding by mammalian BEN domain proteins.Genes & Development 36, 225-240. 

Lee S, Wei L, Zhang B, Goering R, Majumdar S, Wen J, Taliaferro JM and Lai EC (2021). ELAV/Hu RNA binding proteins determine multiple programs of neural alternative splicing. PLoS Genetics 17, e1009439. 

Vedanayagam J, Lin CJ and Lai EC (2021). Rapid evolutionary dynamics of an expanding family of meiotic drive factors and their hpRNA suppressors. Nature Ecology and Evolution 5, 1613-1623. 

Kan L, Ott S, Joseph B, Park ES, Dai W, Kleiner RE, Claridge-Chang A and Lai EC (2021). A neural m(6)A/Ythdf pathway is required for learning and memory in Drosophila. Nature Communications 12, 1458.

Garaulet DL, Moro A and Lai EC (2021). A double-negative gene regulatory circuit underlies the virgin behavioral state. Cell Reports 36, 109335.

Joseph B and Lai EC (2021). The Exon Junction Complex and intron removal prevents re-splicing of mRNA. PLoS Genetics 17(5):e1009563. 

Bejarano F, Chang C, Sun K, Hagen JW, Deng WM, and Lai EC (2021). A comprehensive in vivo screen for anti-apoptotic miRNAs indicates broad capacities for oncogenic synergy. Developmental Biology 475: 10-20. 

Wei L, Lee S, Majumdar S, Zhang B, Sanfilippo P, Joseph B, Miura P, Soller M and Lai EC (2020). Overlapping Activities of ELAV/Hu Family RNA Binding Proteins Specify the Extended Neuronal 3’ UTR Landscape in Drosophila. Molecular Cell 80, 140-155. 

Garaulet DL, Zhang B, Wei L, Li E and Lai EC (2020). miRNAs and Neural Alternative Polyadenylation Specify the Virgin Behavioral State. Developmental Cell 54, 410-423. 

Shang R, Baek SC, Kim K, Kim B, Kim VN and Lai EC (2020). Genomic Clustering Facilitates Nuclear Processing of Suboptimal Pri-miRNA Loci. Molecular Cell 16: 303-316.  

Yu Y, Andreu-Agullo C, Liu BF, Barboza L, Toth M, Lai EC (2020). Regulation of embryonic and adult neurogenesis by Ars2Development 147: dev180018.

Ueberschär M, Wang W, Zhang C, Kondo S, Aoki T, Schedl P, Lai EC*, Wen J* and Dai Q* (2019). BEN-solo factors partition active chromatin to ensure proper gene activation in Drosophila. Nature Communications 10: 5700. (*, co-corresponding authors). 

Vedanayagam J, Chatila WK, Aksoy BA, Majumdar S, Skanderup AJ, Demir E, Schultz N, Sander C and Lai EC (2019). Cancer-associated mutations in DICER1 RNase IIIa and IIIb domains exert similar effects on miRNA biogenesis. Nature Communications 10: 3682.

Lin CJ, Hu F, Dubruille R, Vedanayagam J, Wen J, Smibert P, Loppin B and Lai EC (2018). The hpRNA/RNAi pathway is essential to resolve intragenomic conflict to permit transmission of sons. Developmental Cell 46: 316-326. 

Joseph B, Kondo S and Lai EC (2018). Short cryptic exons mediate recursive splicing in Drosophila. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 25: 365-371. 

Duan H, de Navas LF, Hu F, Sun K, Mavromatakis YE, Viets K, Zhou C, Kavaler J, Johnston R, Tomlinson A, and Lai EC (2018). The mir-279/996 cluster represses receptor tyrosine kinase signaling to determine cell fates in the Drosophila eye. Development 145: dev159053. 

Jee D, Yang JS, Park SM, Farmer DJ, Wen J, Chou T, Chow A, McManus MT, Kharas MG and Lai EC (2018). Dual strategies for Argonaute2-mediated biogenesis of erythroid miRNAs underlie conserved requirements for Slicing in mammals. Molecular Cell 69: 265-278.

Kavaler J, Duan H, Aradhya R, de Navas LF, Joseph B, Shklyar B and Lai EC (2018). miRNA suppression of a Notch repressor directs non-neuronal fate in Drosophila mechanosensory organs. Journal of Cell Biology 217: 571–583. 

Mohammed J, Flynt AS, Panzarino AM, Mondal M, DeCruz M, Siepel AC and Lai EC (2018). Deep experimental profiling of microRNA diversity, deployment, and evolution across the Drosophila genus. Genome Research 28: 52-65.