Yu-Jung Chen

Graduate Student
Yu-Jung Chen, Graduate Student

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MD, National Yang Ming University; MS, National Yang Ming University

Cancer can be tackled from different angles, but my past experience has shaped my strong belief in science as the essential weapon against the disease. Upon deciding to embark on an academic career, I was looking for a resourceful research institute that is dedicated to asking important questions in the field. Memorial Sloan Kettering has always been an exceptional research institute for cancer, and it instantly became the obvious place to go. The best part about being at MSK is that we are always immersed in the forefront of discoveries and constantly enjoy opportunities for intellectual exchange with leaders in the field. I can think of no better place to pursue my graduate degree. I am currently working on drug discovery and tumor classification projects in glioblastoma, a malignant brain tumor with a dismal prognosis. Science can be stressful and requires tremendous patience. For this, I am grateful to be in New York, where good food exists to fuel what I love to do.