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Michael Glickman
At Work: Infectious Diseases Specialist Michael Glickman
Physician-scientist Michael Glickman cares for cancer patients who have infections. In his laboratory, he aims to understand how infections develop.
SKI immunologist Michael Glickman
MSK Scientists Solve One of TB’s Deadliest Tricks
Scientists at Memorial Sloan Kettering have pieced together the biochemical mechanism by which the tuberculosis bacterium sneaks past our immune defenses.
MSK physician-scientists Michael Glickman and Gil Redelman-Sidi
The ABCs of BCG: Oldest Approved Immunotherapy Gets New Explanation
BCG has been used to treat bladder cancer for more than 30 years. Scientists are still learning how it works.
In the Lab
Pictured: BCG
Study Clarifies How Bladder Cancer Treatment Works
Researchers have shed light on how an important treatment for early-stage bladder cancer enters cancer cells to eradicate them.