Michael Overholtzer: Publications

Michael Overholtzer: Publications


Research Articles

Riegman M, Sagie L, Galed C, Levin T, Steinberg N, Dixon SJ, Wiesner U, Brandbury MS, Niethammer P, Zaritsky A, Overholtzer M. (2020) Ferroptosis occurs through an osmotic mechanism and propagates independently of cell rupture. Nat Cell Biol. Sep 22; (9):1042-1048.

Katikaneni A, Jelcic M, Gerlach GF, Ma Y, Overholtzer M, Niethammer P. (2020) Lipid peroxidation regulates long-range wound detection through 5-lipoxygenase in zebrafish. Nat Cell Biol. Sep 22;(9):1049-1055.

Lee C, Lamech L, Johns E, Overholtzer M. (2020) Selective Lysosome Membrane Turnover is Induced by Nutrient Starvation. Dev Cell. Aug 31;S1534-5807(20)30666-3.

Durgan J, Tseng YY, Hamann JC, Domart MC, Collinson L, Hall A, Overholtzer M, Florey O. (2017) Mitosis can drive cell cannibalism through entosis. eLife. Jul 11;6.

Hamann JC, Surcel A, Chen R, Teragawa C, Albeck JG, Robinson DN, Overholtzer M. (2017) Entosis Is Induced by Glucose Starvation. Cell Rep. Jul 5;20(1):201-210.

Zaritsky A, Tseng YY, Rabadán MA, Krishna S, Overholtzer M*, Danuser G*, Hall A. (2017) Diverse roles of guanine nucleotide exchange factors in regulating collective cell migration. *co-corresponding authors. J Cell Biol. Jun 5;216(6):1543-1556.

Kim SE, Zhang L, Ma K, Riegman M, Chen F,Ingold I, Conrad M, Gao M, Jiang X, Monette S, Mohan P, Chen F, GonenM, Zanzonico P, Quinn T, Wiesner U, Bradbury MS, Overholtzer M.(2016) Ultrasmall Nanoparticles Induce Ferroptosis of Nutrient-Deprived Cancer Cells and Suppress Tumor Growth. Nat Nanotechnol. Nov;11(11):977-985.

KrishnaS, Palm W, LeeY, Yang W, Xu H, Florey O,Thompson CB, Overholtzer M. (2016) PIKfyve regulates vacuole maturation and nutrient recovery following engulfment. Dev Cell. Sep 12;38(5):536-47.

Sun Q, Luo T, Ren Y, Florey O, Shirasawa S, Sasazuki T, Robinson DN, Overholtzer M. (2014) Competition between human cells by entosis. Cell Res. Nov;24(11):1299-310.

Sun Q, Cibas ES, Huang H, Hodgson L, Overholtzer M. (2014) Induction of entosis by epithelial cadherin expression. Cell Res. Nov;24(11):1288-98.

Krajcovic M, Krishna S, Akkari L, Joyce JA, Overholtzer M. (2013) mTOR regulates phagosome and entotic vacuole fission. Mol Biol Cell. Dec 24(23): 3736-45.

Review Articles

Hamann JC, Overholtzer M. (2017) Entosis enables a population response to starvation. Oncotarget. Aug 9;8(35):57934-57935.

Kim SE, Overholtzer M. (2013) Autophagy proteins regulate cell engulfment mechanisms that participate in cancer. (Review) Semin Cancer Biol. 2013 May 30.