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Pictured: Michael Overholtzer
Michael Overholtzer, PhD
Dean, Gerstner Sloan Kettering Graduate School

The Overholtzer lab studies mechanisms of nutrient sensing and cellular responses to nutrient starvation, including the nutrient recycling pathway autophagy, scavenging pathways such as macropinocytosis, and mechanisms of cell death. We investigate cell death mechanisms that have unique effects on cell populations, including entosis that supports the survival of starved cells and promotes cell competition, and ferroptosis that eliminates starved cell populations by propagating from cell to cell. The lab also studies mechanisms that regulate autophagy protein and lysosome function in endocytic trafficking and nutrient homeostasis.

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Pictured: Overholtzer Lab

Overholtzer Lab

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Pictured: Michael Overholtzer

Michael Overholtzer, PhD

Dean, Gerstner Sloan Kettering Graduate School

  • Cell biologist Michael Overholtzer studies the mechanisms of tumor initiation and progression, cell adhesion, and cell death.
  • PhD, Princeton University
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Maria Chui
Maria Chui

Administrative Assistant, Sr.

Jyotirekha Das
Jyotirekha Das

Research Scholar

Eleanor Johns

GSK Graduate Student

Alison Klein

Graduate Student, WCMC

Lab Alumni
Oliver Florey

Lab Head at Babraham Institute

Qiang Sun
Qiang Sun

Associate Investigator at Institute of Biotechnology, China

Sung Kim, PhD
Sung Eun Kim

Associate Professor at Korea University, South Korea

Matej Krajcovic
Matej Krajcovic

Manager/Process Expert at Lonza in Visp, Switzerland

Shefali Krishna
Shefali Krishna

Staff Scientist at Salk Institute for Biological Sciences, La-jolla, California

Urmi Bandyopadhyay, PhD
Urmi Bandyopadhyay

Research Associate

Ruoyao Chen
Ruoyao Chen

Graduate Student

Jens C. Hamann
Jens C. Hamann

Senior Scientist at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Lilian Lamech, PhD
Lilian Lamech

Research Fellow

Chan Lee
Chan Lee

Graduate Student

Yongchan Lee, PhD
Yongchan Lee

Research Associate

Michelle M. E. Riegman, BS, MB
Michelle M. E. Riegman

Technical Regulatory Affairs Manager at Roche in Basel, Switzerland

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Expanding the Bag of Optical Tricks for Biology

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