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Miller, A. N.*, Vaisey, G.*, & Long, S. B. (2019). Molecular mechanisms of gating in the calcium-activated chloride channel bestrophin. eLife (Abstract | open state Cryo-EM map | Atomic Coordinates).  *A. N. Miller and G. Vaisey are co-first authors.

Vaisey, G., & Long, S. B. (2018). An allosteric mechanism of inactivation in the calcium-dependent chloride channel BEST1. The Journal of General Physiology, jgp.201812190. (Abstract)

Hou, X., Burstein, S. R., & Long, S. B. (2018). Structures reveal opening of the store-operated calcium channel Orai. eLife, 7.  (Manuscript | Atomic Coordinates)

Baradaran, R., Wang, C., Siliciano, A. F., & Long, S. B. (2018). Cryo-EM structures of fungal and metazoan mitochondrial calcium uniporters. Nature, 559(7715), 580–584. (Abstract | Atomic Coordinates | Cryo-EM map)

Melinda Diver, Leanne Pedi, Akiko Koide, Shohei Koide, Stephen B. Long (2018). Atomic structure of the eukaryotic intramembrane RAS methyltransferase ICMT. Nature. Jan 25; 553(7689):526-529. (Abstract | Manuscript | Atomic Coordinates)

George Vaisey, Alexandria Miller, Stephen B. Long. Distinct regions that control ion selectivity and calcium-dependent activation in the bestrophin ion channel. PNAS.  Published online November 7 2016. (Abstract | Atomic Coordinates)

Veronica K. Dickson, Leanne Pedi, Stephen B. Long.  Structure and insights into the function of a Ca2+-activated Cl− channel.  Nature. 2014 Dec 11;516(7530):213-8.  Published online 22 October 2014. (Abstract | Atomic Coordinates)

Melinda M. Diver and Stephen B. Long.  Mutational Analysis of the Integral Membrane Methyltransferase ICMT Reveals Potential Substrate Binding Sites. J Biol Chem. 2014. Sep 19;289(38):26007-20.  Epub 2014 Jul 24 (Abstract)

Xiaowei Hou, Leanne Pedi, Melinda M. Diver, Stephen B. Long.  Crystal structure of the calcium release-activated calcium channel Orai. Science. 2012 Dec 7;338(6112):1308-13. Epub 2012 Nov 22. (Abstract | PDF Reprint | Atomic Coordinates)

Alexandria N. Miller and Stephen B. Long.  Crystal structure of the human two-pore domain potassium channel K2P1. Science. 2012 Jan 27;335(6067):416-7. (Abstract | PDF Reprint | Atomic Coordinates)

Long SB, Tao X, Campbell EB, MacKinnon R. Atomic structure of a voltage-dependent K+ channel in a lipid membrane-like environment. Nature. 2007 Nov 15;450(7168):376-82. (Abstract | Atomic Coordinates)

Long SB, Campbell EB, Mackinnon R. Crystal structure of a mammalian voltage-dependent Shaker family K+ channel. Science. 2005 Aug 5;309(5736):897-903. (Abstract | Atomic Coordinates)

Long SB, Campbell EB, Mackinnon R. Voltage sensor of Kv1.2: structural basis of electromechanical coupling. Science. 2005 Aug 5;309(5736):903-8. (Abstract)

Long SB, Casey PJ, Beese LS. Reaction path of protein farnesyltransferase at atomic resolution. Nature. 2002 Oct 10;419(6907):645-50.  (Abstract | Atomic Coordinates: 1KZP  1KZO)