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Dana Pe'er
“Beautiful Patterns in Biology”: How SKI’s Dana Pe’er Earned a Top Honor and Advocates for Women Scientists
Dana Pe’er was recently named a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator — one of the highest honors in biomedical science. As part of that designation, she will receive approximately $9 million over a seven-year term, with opportunity for renewal.
In the Lab
Fluorescent image of mouse prostate gland
New Discovery Explains How the Prostate Gland Regenerates Itself
Androgen-deprivation therapy, a mainstay of prostate cancer treatment, may give prostate cells new growth abilities, scientists at Memorial Sloan Kettering have found.
In the Lab
In this fluorescent microscopy image of endoderm tissue from a mouse embryo, cell membranes are red, cell nuclei are blue, and extra-embryonic endoderm cells are green (they appear turquoise because blue and green are merged).
Scientists Rewrite the Textbook of Organ Development, One Cell at a Time
A large study that analyzed nearly 120,000 cells in a developing mouse embryo is full of surprises.
Karuna Ganesh
The Convergence: Scientists Move toward a New Understanding of Metastatic Cancer
Through converging lines of research in stem cell biology, tissue regeneration, and immunity, Sloan Kettering Institute scientists are learning what makes metastatic cancer cells tick.
In the Lab
MSK computational biologist Dana Pe'er
One by One: Single-Cell Analysis Helps Map the Cancer Landscape
Sloan Kettering Institute investigators are taking important steps toward being able to identify all the cell types in tumors. With this information, they can figure out how the cells work together.