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Jayanta Chaudhuri
At Work: Immunologist Jayanta Chaudhuri
Immunologist Jayanta Chaudhuri has long been interested in biology, Mendelian genetics, and the story of how life evolved.
In the Community
Allysia Matthews, with Citymeals-on-Wheels staff donating reusable ice packs
Giving Supplies a Second Life, and Making an Environmental Impact in the Process
Memorial Sloan Kettering “green” committees focus on waste reduction and energy efficiency throughout the institution while donating useful supplies to New York–area nonprofits.
In the Lab
Pictured: Charles L. Sawyers, William Polkinghorn & Simon Powell
Molecular Studies Explain Effectiveness of Longtime Treatment for Prostate Cancer
Laboratory studies have revealed an explanation for why androgen-deprivation therapy makes radiation therapy more effective in the treatment of high-risk prostate cancer.