Montserrat Cols Vidal, PhD

Lab Manager

Montserrat Cols Vidal, PhD

Lab Manager
Montserrat Cols Vidal

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PhD, Keele University


First Author Publication
Nicolas, L., Cols, M., Smolkin, R., Fernandez, K. C., Yewdell, W. T., Yen, W.-F., Zha, S., Vuong, B. Q., & Chaudhuri, J. (2019). Cutting Edge: ATM Influences Germinal Center Integrity. Journal of Immunology, 202(11), 3137–3142.
Contributing Author Publications
Sharma, R., Smolkin, R. M., Chowdhury, P., Fernandez, K. C., Kim, Y., Cols, M., Alread, W., Yen, W.-F., Hu, W., Wang, Z.-M., Violante, S., Chaligné, R., Li, M. O., Cross, J. R., & Chaudhuri, J. (2023). Distinct metabolic requirements regulate B cell activation and germinal center responses. Nature Immunology, 24(8), 1358–1369.
Yewdell, W. T., Smolkin, R. M., Belcheva, K. T., Mendoza, A., Michaels, A. J., Cols, M., Angeletti, D., Yewdell, J. W., & Chaudhuri, J. (2021). Temporal dynamics of persistent germinal centers and memory B cell differentiation following respiratory virus infection. Cell Reports, 37(6), 109961.
Yewdell, W. T., Kim, Y., Chowdhury, P., Lau, C. M., Smolkin, R. M., Belcheva, K. T., Fernandez, K. C., Cols, M., Yen, W.-F., Vaidyanathan, B., Angeletti, D., McDermott, A. B., Yewdell, J. W., Sun, J. C., & Chaudhuri, J. (2020). A Hyper-IgM Syndrome Mutation in Activation-Induced Cytidine Deaminase Disrupts G-Quadruplex Binding and Genome-wide Chromatin Localization. Immunity, 53(5), 952-970.e11.
Yen, W.-F., Sharma, R., Cols, M., Lau, C. M., Chaudhry, A., Chowdhury, P., Yewdell, W. T., Vaidyanathan, B., Sun, A., Coffre, M., Pucella, J. N., Chen, C.-C., Jasin, M., Sun, J. C., Rudensky, A. Y., Koralov, S. B., & Chaudhuri, J. (2019). Distinct Requirements of CHD4 during B Cell Development and Antibody Response. Cell Reports, 27(5), 1472-1486.e5.
Pucella, J. N., Cols, M., Yen, W.-F., Xu, S., & Chaudhuri, J. (2019). The B Cell Activation-Induced miR-183 Cluster Plays a Minimal Role in Canonical Primary Humoral Responses. Journal of Immunology, 202(5), 1383–1396.
Nicolas, L., Cols, M., Choi, J. E., Chaudhuri, J., & Vuong, B. (2018). Generating and repairing genetically programmed DNA breaks during immunoglobulin class switch recombination. F1000Research, 7, 458.

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