Integrated Genomics Operation (IGO) : Overview

Integrated Genomics Operation (IGO) : Overview


In order to rapidly produce high-quality genomics data, our core utilizes the most innovative technologies available. IGO houses a full range of Illumina NGS instruments, maximizing our flexibility for a multitude of sequencing applications from small targeted sequencing to high-coverage human whole genome sequencing. For more specific information, please check out the Services tab on the left to learn more about the various platforms currently supported by IGO.

Our core is committed to accommodating all researchers, from those planning their first genomics experiment to seasoned NGS experts. After samples are submitted, we provide comprehensive quality and quantity checks, as well as processing recommendations along the way. In addition, IGO evaluates and invests in new technologies enabling cutting edge research at MSK, ranging from foundational basic science to translational and precision medicine.


IGO comprises several main groups, under the leadership of Dr. Neeman Mohibullah. The leadership team oversees over 40 full-time staff from entry-level research technicians to senior experts.

In order to process hundreds of samples per day and maintain consistent protocols between batches, IGO operates 10 liquid handling robots. The Automation team is responsible for maintaining those instruments, training technicians in their use, and developing all programming for IGO’s many platforms.

The Sample & Project Management team works with investigators to quickly and correctly accession and QC all samples that come into IGO, including helping with navigation of iLab, easing sample webform submissions, facilitating smooth processing, and providing updates to investigators.

EXPAnD stands for: Extraction, pathology, Archer DX, and digital droplet PCR, but also literally refers to their interest in integrating new platforms and advancing research technology to remain at the cutting edge for our users. The EXPAND team draws upon IGO’s philosophy of constant and open communication and aims to join you in detailed, scientific discussions about your projects, to meet your needs and to work together to advance science, building long-term, trusting relationships in the process.

Single Cell
The Single Cell team receives fresh and frozen samples for IGO’s 10X Genomics, DLP, and MissionBio platforms. They use a mix of manual and automated techniques to help investigators achieve the best single cell data possible.

Library Prep
The Library Preparation team handles the bulk of IGO’s sample processing, utilizing liquid-handling robots to automate many platforms.

The Sequencing Team performs all activities related to Illumina sequencing, including quantity and quality assessment of libraries, pooling, and preparation for sequencing. The team is also responsible for the care & feeding of IGO’s 8 sequencing instruments.

The IGO Data Team is a group of bioinformaticians, software engineers, and computer scientists. They work closely with IGO’s investigators and wet-lab technicians to write multiple software applications from sample receiving and LIMS processing to post-sequencing stats tracking and data delivery.

The Research & Development team develops, tests, and implements new genomics platforms for the MSKCC community. In addition to testing off-the-shelf assays, our group works with MSK investigators to bring customized platforms to IGO.