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Andrea Ventura
At Work: Cancer Biologist Andrea Ventura
Andrea Ventura’s research is focused on microRNA expression, as he seeks to understand how small RNAs act on genes to promote or suppress cancer.
In the Lab
Cancer biologist Andrea Ventura
Disorderly DNA: Researchers Simulate a Common Cause of Lung Cancer
MSK scientists have created a mouse model that replicates a subtype of non-small cell lung cancer caused by a chromosomal rearrangement.
Pictured: Scott Lowe & Zhen Zhao
A Look Inside the Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center
Watch our scientists discuss how the Geoffrey Beene Center helped Memorial Sloan Kettering establish a progressive approach to modern cancer research.
Pictured: 2012 Rock Stars of Science
Geoffrey Beene Rock Stars of Science™ Campaign Features Memorial Sloan Kettering Researchers
The initiative, focused on investigators from Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center, highlights the critical need for funding scientific research.