The Lorenz Studer Lab: Former Lab Members

Pictured: Scott Callahan

Scott J. Callahan

Medical Writer at BGB Group, New York, NY

Gustav Cederquist

Gustav Cederquist

Graduate Student

Nadja Zeltner, PhD

Nadja Zeltner

Postdoctoral fellow – currently, Assistant Professor, University of Georgia

Yuchen Qi

Yuchen Qi

Postdoctoral Fellow - currently: Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group

Faranak Fattahi, MS

Faranak Fattahi

Graduate Student - currently, Sandler Faculty Fellow, UCSF

Michelle  Vincendeau

Michelle Vincendeau

Postdoctoral Fellow – current, Group leader, Helmholtz Zentrum, Munich, Germany

Frank Fusaro

Frank Fusaro

Lab Manager

Elsa Vera, PhD

Elsa Vera

Postdoctoral Fellow - currently, Research Associate in The Luis Parada Lab

Pictured: Bastian Zimmer

Bastian Zimmer

Postdoctoral Fellow - currently, Head of Stem Cell Protocol Development Core, Evotec, Hamburg, Germany

Mohamed  Soliman

Mohamed Soliman

Medical Student, Weill Cornell

Sarah Kishinevsky

Sarah Kishinevsky

Graduate Student – currently, Director of the Dean's Entrepreneurship Lab at Weill Cornell

Julius Steinbeck, MD

Julius Steinbeck

Postdoctoral Fellow

Pictured: Yosif Martin Ganat

Yosif Martin Ganat

Postdoctoral Fellow - currently, Staff Scientist at NYSCF

Sonja Kriks, PhD

Sonja Kriks

Postdoctoral Fellow - currently Senior Scientist at Neurona Therapeutics Inc

Pictured: Jae-won Shim

Jae-won Shim

Postdoctoral fellow - currently: Assistant Prof., Soonchunhayng University

Stuart Chambers, PhD

Stuart Chambers

Postdoctoral Fellow - currently, Senior Scientist at Amgen

Pictured: Justine D. Miller

Justine D. Miller

Graduate Student - currently: Senior Scientist, AbbVie

Fabien Lafaille

Fabien Lafaille

PhD student – currently, Research Associate in the Jean-Laurent Casanova Lab, Rockefeller University

Yvonne Gruber

Yvonne Gruber Mica

Manager, Field Applications - Cell Biology Thermo Fisher Scientific New York, NY

Inna Lipchina, PhD

Inna Lipchina

Graduate Student - currently: Postdoctoral fellow with Konrad Hochedlinger

Gabsang Lee

Gabsang Lee

Postdoctoral Fellow - currently: Associate Prof., Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Asif Maroof, PhD

Asif Maroof

Graduate Student - currently: Assistant Professor, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Yechiel Elkabetz, PhD

Yechiel Elkabetz

Postdoctoral fellow - Currently: Principal Investigator, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics,

Sabrina Desbordes

Sabrina Desbordes

Postdoctoral fellow - currently: Assistant Prof., Helmholtz Institute

Tiziano Barberi, PhD

Tiziano Barberi

Postdoctoral Fellow - Currently: Associate Scientist, Texas BioMed Research Institute, SW National Primate Research Center

Mark J Tomishima, PhD

Mark J Tomishima

Currently, Sr. Director, CNS Bioprocess at BlueRock Therapeutics

Viviane Tabar

Viviane Tabar

Chair, Department of Neurosurgery; Theresa Feng Chair in Neurosurgical Oncology

Anselme Perrier

Anselme Perrier

Postdoctoral Fellow - currently: Principal Investigator, iSTEM, INSERM, France

Hyesoo Kim

Hyesoo Kim

Currently, Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Agnete Kirkeby

Agnete Kirkeby

PhD student – currently, Associate Professor of Stem Cell Biology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark