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SKI immunologist Ming Li
SKI Scientists Identify Potential New ‘Soldier’ for Cancer Immunotherapy
The new cells, which the scientists have dubbed killer innate-like T cells, differ in several notable ways from the conventional target of many immunotherapies.
MSK immunologist Ming Li
Sloan Kettering Institute Scientists Solve a 100-Year-Old Mystery about Cancer
Scientists have long known that cancer cells and immune cells have an uncommon hunger for glucose but haven’t understood why. A new study offers an answer.
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MSK immunologist Ming Li.
MSK-led Studies Support the Concept of “Cancer Environment Immunotherapy”
Targeting the cancer environment, rather than the cancer itself, could be a new avenue for immunotherapy.
Ming Li
At Work: Immunologist Ming Li
Immunologist Ming Li hopes to uncover insights that would allow scientists to harness the power of the immune system for cancer therapy.
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After Years of Neglect, Cancer Biologists Return to a Forgotten Field: Metabolism
Scientists are dusting off their biochemistry textbooks in the hunt for clues to cancer.
photo of sugary foods like candy, donuts, and cupcakes
No Sugar, No Cancer? A Look at the Evidence
A lot has been written about the relationship between sugar and cancer. Most of it is wrong.
Science Byte
T cell with on switch
The Warburg Effect: What Turns T Cells On?
Scientists have uncovered a surprising link between metabolism and gene control in T cells.
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Pictured: Activated macrophage
Researchers Reveal How Tumors Manipulate Certain Immune Cells to Their Own Advantage
Researchers are exploring a mysterious population of immune cells that live within tumors and can help the cancer grow and spread.
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photo of Foxo1 protein stained in regulatory T cells
In the Fight against Cancer, the Immune System Can Be a Double-Edged Sword
The immune system is a powerful tool for fighting cancer — sometimes too powerful.
Pictured: Ming Li
Study Suggests New Ways of Manipulating Immune System to Treat Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer
Recent findings by Memorial Sloan Kettering immunologists might one day pave the way for new strategies to control a range of diseases, including autoimmune disorders and cancer.