2019 Lab Retreat

The Lowe Lab steps outside of the lab for a few days for the yearly retreat. This year, the group travelled to the Jersey Shore for some fun and friendly scientific competition. This year, with the retreat being so close to Halloween, there was even a costume contest!

2019 March Cycle for Survival

The “Lowe Riders” return for the Cycle for Survival Campaign, raising over $9,000 for rare cancers!

2018 Lab Retreat

The Lowe Lab embarks again on it’s yearly retreat for a chance to win some awards, have some outdoor fun, and share scientific ideas.

2018 March Cycle for Survival

The “Lowe Riders” were back again for the annual Cycle for Survival campaign, raising over $25,000 this year!

2017 Lab Retreat

Yearly Lowe Lab retreats give the group a chance to get off-site to focus on new ideas, bonding, and even a few awards.

2017 August Solar Eclipse

Dabbling in amateur astronomy, the Lowe Lab employed camera obscura and eclipse glasses in order to get a glimpse of summer 2017’s partial solar eclipse visible in New York.

2017 April Pancreatic Cancer 5K

Our pancreas cancer team raised research funds and awareness as part of the 2017 Purple Stride 5K.

2017 March Cycle for Survival

The “Lowe Riders” were back in 2017 for NYC’s annual Cycle for Survival campaign.

2016 Holiday Party

Every year, the lab hosts a pot luck style holiday party, complete with visits from Santa and impromptu musical performances.

2016 Cycle for Survival

2016 marked the first year that the Lowe Lab took part in Cycle for Survival, an event that, in partnership between Equinox and MSKCC, raises research funds for rare cancers.

2014 Lab Retreat

The yearly Lowe Lab retreat takes the group away from the hustle and bustle of the city in order to focus on new scientific ideas, group bonding, and some lab awards.

2013 Lab Ski Trip: Park City, Utah

For the seasoned and not so seasoned skiers and snowboarders alike, the Lowe Lab organized a trip to Park City, Utah, so that everyone could enjoy a bit of the snow.