2019 News

September 2019 – Meeting: Biology of Cancer - Microenvironment & Metastasis

Scott returned to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory to co-organize the meeting on “Biology of Cancer:  Microenvironment and Metastasis”.   Lab postdocs Marcus Ruscetti and Direna Alonso Curbelo each gave short talks!

September 2019 – Publication

Congratulation to Romasseur et al on their publication in PNAS: “Preclinical murine platform to evaluate therapeutic countermeasures against radiation-induced gastrointestinal syndrome”. This paper establishes system to test potential therapeutic targets in radiation-induced gastrointestinal syndrome (RIGS) and identifies short term WNT activation as a route to alleviate RIGS symptoms. 

September 2019 – Publication

Congratulations to Morris et al on their publication in Nature: “α-Ketoglutarate links p53 to cell fate during tumor suppression!” This paper established a novel tumor suppressive arm of p53 activity driven by metabolic dependent changes in gene expression that antagonizes malignant progression.

August 2019 – Meeting: The Salk Mechanisms and Models of Cancer

Former and current lab members came together to attend and present at the Salk Mechanisms and Models Meeting in La Jolla, California. Scott Lowe was a featured speaking, giving a talk entitled “Restoring Tumor Suppression in Advanced Cancers.” Lab alums Lukas Dow and  Amaia Lujambio  also presented their work, “Lineage Reversion Underlies Acquired Resistance to WNT Inhibition in Colorectal Cancer” and “ß-catenin Activation Promotes Immune Escape and Resistance to Anti-PD1 Therapy in Hepatocellular Carcinoma” respectively.

July 2019 – Publication

Congratulations to Loizou et al on their publication “A Gain-of-Function p53-Mutant Oncogene Promotes Cell Fate Plasticity and Myeloid Leukemia through the Pluripotency Factor FOXH1” in Cancer Discovery! This study demonstrates how a gain of function mutation of the tumor suppressor Trp53 can upregulate the embryonic transcription factor FOXH1 to promote self-renewal in acute myeloid leukemia. 

March 2019 – Cycle for Survival

The Lowe Lab team, the “Loweriders” turned out for their annual ride in support of cancer research at MSKCC. The team raised over $9,000, all while having fun in the process.

2019 Meeting Nature Conference
March 2019 – Meeting: Nature Conference - The Tumour Cell: Plasticity, Progression and Therapy

A wonderful opportunity presented to the lab to present their works and share ideas. One of our postdoctoral researchers, Marcus Ruscetti, gave a talk entitled “Senescence induction triggers vascular emodeling and new therapeutic vulnerabilities in pancreas cancer.” Former lab member, Ross Dickens also attended the conference and gave a talk titled “Monolineage origin of relapse following multilineage differentiation therapy of acute myeloid leukemia.”

Lab Manager, Anne Trumble-Koncelik

Lab Manager, Anne Trumble-Koncelik

March 2019 – Staff Note

We would like to welcome our new lab manager, Anne Trumble-Koncelik to the lab.

Meeting: 20th International AEK Cancer Congress

Meeting: 20th International AEK Cancer Congress

February 2019 – Meeting: 20th International AEK Cancer Congress

Lowe Lab members old and new met at the AEK Cancer Congress in Heidelberg , Germany. Some of our lab alum in attendance included Lars Zender, Amaia Lujambio, Michael Hemann, and Johannes Zuber.

Postdoctoral Researcher, Jose Reyes

Postdoctoral Researcher, Jose Reyes

January 2019 - Staff Note

We are pleased to welcome a new postdoctoral researcher to the lab, Jose Reyes. Jose returns to the Lowe Lab after performing summer research in 2010, while the lab was still located at Cold Spring Harbor. He completed his PhD work at Harvard University focusing on DNA damage and the resulting transition of human cells from a reversible to an irreversible form of arrest.

2018 News


December 2018 – Lowe Lab Holiday Party

The lab got together for food and fun at Scott and Shane’s apartment. Direna was elected to be Santa this year!

December 2018 – Publication

NK cells (red) attach to and kill senescent lung tumor cells (green)

NK cells (red) attach to and kill senescent lung tumor cells (green) following combination drug treatment with the MEK inhibitor trametinib and CDK4/6 inhibitor palbociclib. This study establishes senescence induction as a beneficial outcome of targeted therapy, and explains how drugs that don’t kill tumor cells can still shrink tumors by activating a unique form of NK cell immune surveillance in lung cancer.

Congratulations to Ruscetti et al on their publication “NK cell–mediated cytotoxicity contributes to tumor control by a cytostatic drug combination” in Science. This exciting new paper outlines the combination of two clinically approved cancer drugs in the treatment of Kras lung tumors in mice via the natural killer cell recruitment.

December 2018 – Thesis Defense

Congratulations to Edward (Ted) Kastenhuber on successfully defending his thesis! Ted’s thesis title was “Functional Interrogation of Genetically Simple and Complex Cancers.

October 2018 – Lab Retreat

The lab heads to Upstate New York for the annual Lowe Lab retreat. Lab members share new ideas in the chalk talk style presentations, receive awards, and have an opportunity to bond outside of the lab. This year the lab even played a friendly game of touch football.


September 2018 – Thesis Defense

Congratulations to Chi-Chao Chen on the successful defense of his thesis. His title was Identifying Therapeutic Targets for Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

April 2018 – Honors and Awards

Congratulation to Scott W. Lowe, PhD on his award from the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), recognizing his outstanding accomplishments in basic cancer research.