The Scott Lowe Lab

Our laboratory studies tumor-suppressor networks controlling apoptosis and senescence and how their disruption influences malignant behavior.

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Pictured: Scott Lowe

Scott W. Lowe, PhD

Chair, Cancer Biology & Genetics Program, SKI; Chair, Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center


Research Focus

Biologist Scott Lowe investigates tumor-suppressor gene networks that control apoptosis and senescence.


PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


  • Chen, C., Liu, Y., Rappaport, A.R.,  Kitzing, T., Schultz, N., Zhao, Z., Shroff, A.S., Dickins, R.A., Vakoc, C.R., Bradner, J.E., Stock, W., Le Beau, M.M., Shannon, K.M., Kogan, S., Zuber, J., and Lowe, S.W. (2014). MLL3 is a a haploinsufficient 7q tumor suppressor in acute myeloid leukemia. Cancer Cell. 2014 May 12;25(5):652-65. doi: 10.1016/j.ccr.2014.03.016. Epub 2014 May 1.  PMID: 24794707. PubMed in Process. NIHMS:NIHMS592990.
  • Weissmueller, S., Manchado, E., Saborowski, M., Morris IV, J.P., Wagenblast, E., Davis, C.A., Moon, S-H., Pfister, N.T., Tschaharganeh, D.F., Kitzing, T., Aust, D., Markert, E.K., Jianmin, W., Grimmond, S.M., Pilarsky, C., Prives, C.P., Biankin, A.V., and Lowe, S.W. (2014). Mutant p53 drives pancreatic cancer metastasis through cell-autonomous PDGF receptor beta signaling. Cell. 157(2):382-94. PMID: 24725405. PMCID: PMC4001090.
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