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Maria del Carmen Inda Garcia, PhD

Research Scholar

I am a research scholar in the Dr. Chiosis laboratory. During my career, I have focused on different aspects of Neuroscience. I did my PhD on the Microanatomy of the Cerebral Cortex at the Cajal Institute (Madrid, Spain). After this period I was awarded the Human Frontier Science Program fellowship to support my first postdoctoral project on the molecular mechanisms of memory. I performed this work at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. This work instilled in me a strong interest in translational research that involves amelioration of memory loss associated with several neurodegenerative diseases. As such I joined the interdisciplinary group of Dr. Chiosis at Memorial Sloan Kettering where my studies focus on the translation of an Hsp90 inhibitor discovered by the lab as a potential therapeutic treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.