Gabriela Chiosis: Featured News

In the Lab
Scientist Gabriela Chiosis in her lab
Experimental Drug Targets Misbehaving Proteins in Brain Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease
Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers are studying how drugs that reverse malfunctioning proteins may treat disease.
In the Lab
An illustration of sugar being sprinkled on a cancer cell.
Just Add Sugar: How a Protein’s Small Change Leads to Big Trouble for Cells
A study from investigators in the Sloan Kettering Institute uncovers the details of how a key protein called GRP94 becomes disrupted, leading to cancer and other diseases.
In the Lab
Illustration of how PU-PET localizes to tumors
Bull’s-Eye: Imaging Technology Could Confirm When a Drug Is Going to the Right Place
Collaborative team advances a new approach for imaging a drug that’s been developed to stop cancer growth.
An illustration of a magnifying glass over a brain.
Study Reveals a New Way That Stress and Aging Lead to Alzheimer’s
A targeted approach being developed to treat certain cancers may also be effective for Alzheimer’s disease.
In the Clinic
Chemical biologist Gabriela Chiosis in a laboratory
Experimental Cancer Drug Developed at MSK Leads to New Approach for Treating Alzheimer's Disease
A family of drugs developed at MSK targets disrupted processes in cells in diseases related to aging.
In the Lab
Light micrograph of white blood cells from a patient with acute myeloid leukemia.
New Drug Developed at MSK Starves Acute Myeloid Leukemia of a Signaling Fix
An innovative collaboration between basic scientists and clinical researchers has led to a promising new drug for AML.
In the Lab
Bees in a hive
Communal Behavior within Cells Makes Cancers Easier to Target
Findings about proteins called molecular chaperones are shedding new light on possible approaches to cancer treatment.
Pictured: Gabriela Chiosis
Hsp90: A Very Promising Target for Cancer Therapy
A small molecule discovered at MSK called PU-H71 blocks the growth of cancer cells and enables doctors to image tumors.
Pictured: Gabriela Chiosis
Out of the Lab and into the World: Hsp90 Inhibitor, a New Cancer Drug
A dynamic mix of experts in biology, chemistry, and medicine come together in the Sloan Kettering Institute lab of chemical biologist Gabriella Chiosis to investigate chaperone proteins involved in cancer.