Smit Shah

Research Technician
Smit Shah

Currently, I am a Research Technician in Dr. Gabriela Chiosis’ Research group at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Research in our laboratory is focused on the development of HSP70, HSP90 and GRP94 modulators as anticancer agents. To this end, I am adept at conducting numerous pre-clinical studies such as in vitro binding affinity, cytotoxicity, in-vitro permeability assay, PK/PD and toxicology analysis of the inhibitors, and have learned several techniques that will enable me to carry out my duties diligently. These techniques include cell and tissue culture, werstern blot, fluorescence polarization (FP), microsomal stability, CYP inhibition, HERG inhibition, PAMPA and other key assays intended to evaluate the potential of a molecule.  Additionally, I have considerable experience in animal handling, development of tumor xenograft in animal and organ harvesting to determine biodistribution of drug. I also have hands on experience in operating various analytical instruments such as LC-MS/MS for PK analysis, Analyst multimode microplate reader with fluorescence polarization, absorbance, fluorescence, FRET and chemiluminescence capabilities.

Current Position
SAS Programmer at WCCT Global


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