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Srinivasa Gandu

Research Technician

Lab Phone

+1 (646) 888-2216


I am working as a Research Technician in Dr. Chiosis lab. I am assisting the post-doctoral scholars in investigating the nature of chronic stress as it occurs in numerous diseases and aging. By using innovative methods, our lab develops unique chemical probes that we use to understand, diagnose, and treat cellular processes associated with chronic stress. Currently we are working on the existence and therapeutic significance of altered chaperome networks in neurodegenerative diseases, a project that has exposed me to principles of neuroanatomy and neurobiology, and moreover, provided me with important skills in the field of neuroscience. These include a variety of methods, from transgenic mouse breeding to behavioral study design and execution, to performing IHC staining on brain tissues, to data organization and analysis. As also a part of this project I acquired skills in several other techniques related to evaluating and understanding the effect of pharmacologic agents in vivo, such as those related to drug administration by several routes and to evaluation of drug concentrations in plasma, tumors and tissues (pharmacokinetics) by LC-MS/MS.