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Cancer news & discoveries
Joyce Tyson
International Study Shows Liquid Biopsies May Improve Lung Cancer Survival
An international study led by MSK investigators has found that liquid biopsies may improve survival in people with lung cancer. These blood tests are easier for patients than more traditional tissue biopsies.
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Cancer Straight Talk Episode 31
Can We Prevent Ovarian Cancer?
Recent research has shown that most, if not all, high grade serous ovarian cancers originate in the fallopian tubes. With no pronounced symptoms or tests to catch it early, ovarian cancer is usually detected in women with an average risk of cancer and in highly advanced stages.
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(From left) Tobias Walther, PhD, and Robert Farese, Jr., MD, jointly run the Farese and Walther Lab at MSK's Sloan Kettering Institute.
Renowned Cellular Lipid and Energy Metabolism Researchers Join the Sloan Kettering Institute
Learn about renowned cellular lipid and energy metabolism researchers Robert Farese, Jr., and Tobias Walther who recently joined the Sloan Kettering Institute, running their lab jointly.
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