Pediatric Clinical Trials

Pediatric Clinical Trials

MSK Medical Oncologist Nai-Kong Cheung, MD, PhD

Nai-Kong Cheung, Head of the MSK Neuroblastoma Program, is one of many researchers studying better ways to treat pediatric cancers and achieve long-term survival.

In addition to delivering world-class care, the pediatric cancer experts at Memorial Sloan Kettering participate in groundbreaking research. As both doctors and scientists, we are dedicated to developing safer and more-effective therapies to control and cure childhood cancers so our patients can return to their daily activities as quickly as possible. We are also committed to minimizing any short- and long-term effects from your child’s treatment.

For many types of cancer, we can use innovative treatment strategies. These include novel clinical trials, new drug combinations, targeted immunotherapy approaches, radiolabeled antibody therapy, and genetically modified cell-based therapies.

What Is a Clinical Trial?

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At Memorial Sloan Kettering, your child or young adult may be able to participate in a clinical research study. This is also known as a clinical trial. Clinical trials test the newest, most-effective approaches to the treatment of disease. This may be an entirely new therapy or a combination of therapies that are already available. These studies help us learn whether the new option is more effective than the best current one.

Nearly every cancer treatment used today exists because of a clinical trial. Information learned through clinical trials has helped raise the cure rate for pediatric cancers to more than 70 percent overall. Some pediatric cancers now even have a cure rate of more than 90 percent. The goal is to provide long-term disease-free survival for all children with cancer.

Our patients have access to many of the latest clinical trials, some of which are only available at MSK. We also participate in many nationwide, multicenter clinical trials. We are a founding member of the Children’s Oncology Group and the coordinating center and co-founder of the Pediatric Oncology Experimental Therapeutics Investigators’ Consortium.

Making the Decision to Participate in a Clinical Trial

If your child qualifies for a clinical trial, the decision to participate is entirely up to you and your family. Whether your child receives standard treatment or therapy as part of a clinical trial, he or she will benefit from MSK’s ongoing commitment to excellence in patient care.