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Suleika Jaouad is seen in the hallway of MSK with her husband Jon Batiste.
Living Life to the Fullest During Cancer: ‘American Symphony’ Documentary
Learn about life lessons during cancer in the acclaimed documentary "American Symphony," which follows Suleika Jaouad and Jon Batiste’s journey during her bone marrow transplant at Memorial Sloan Kettering.
Dana and John Avellino
FDA Approves Nirogacestat, the First-Ever Targeted Therapy for Desmoid Tumors
The FDA has approved nirogacestat (OgsiveoTM), a targeted therapy for desmoid tumors. A recent phase 3 clinical trial found that the drug significantly shrank desmoid tumors in 41% of patients. Desmoid tumors (also known as aggressive fibromatosis) are a rare type of soft tissue tumor.
scientists working in the lab
MSK Research Highlights, November 27, 2023
New MSK research finds both acupuncture and massage can benefit those with cancer-related pain; investigates relapse after CAR T cell therapy for multiple-myeloma; and showcases the power of open-source science to develop medicines against COVID-19 and other pandemics.
MSK melanoma expert James Smithy, MD
New Treatments Improving Prognosis for Stage 4 Melanoma Patients
In recent years, advanced melanoma (a type of skin cancer) has been transformed from a disease that was almost always fatal to one that often can be br...
scientific image of mouse lung cancer cells
Lung Cancer Cells’ ‘Memories’ Suggest New Strategy For Improving Treatment
Research from the lab of cancer biologist Tuomas Tammela shows that some lung cancer cells retain a “memory” of the healthy cell where they came from — one that might be exploited to make an emerging type of lung cancer treatment called KRAS inhibition more effective.
Dr. Helena Yu
Lung Cancer in Women and Nonsmokers: What To Know About Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Learn about links between lung cancer and smoking, the relationship between lung cancer and genetics, and the benefits of being treated at a hospital that offers many clinical trials for lung cancer.
Ming Li
How One Lab at MSK Is Working To Harness the Power of the Immune System Against Cancer
Study by study, Dr. Ming Li's lab at MSK is sharing new insights into the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in immune regulation.
Dr. Michel Sadelain, Director of the Center for Cell Engineering, Sloan Kettering Institute.
Disrupting a Single Gene Could Improve CAR T Cell Immunotherapy, New Study Shows
Learn how disrupting a gene called SUV39H1 could make CAR T cells more powerful.
To our Community
A Message From MSK’s President and CEO
Learn about immunotherapy advances for cancer treatment from Dr. Selwyn Vickers, President and CEO of Memorial Sloan Kettering.
Antonio Lekhrajmal is seen outdoors with his wife, Maria. He has been successfully treated with checkpoint inhibitors for advanced stomach cancer.
How Checkpoint Inhibitors for Stage 4 Stomach Cancer Worked for Antonio
Learn how MSK helped a man with stage 4 stomach (gastric) cancer using checkpoint inhibitors, a type of immunotherapy that also treats many other cancers.