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Ben, Kyle, Charles, and Gloria on a picnic blanket
Meet Ben Hegel, A Proud and Fierce Family Man
Meet Ben Hegel, a senior program coordinator in the Sloan Kettering Institute. “My introduction to Pride in college was through a celebratory lens,” says Ben. “But my relationship to Pride has changed.” He still celebrates, but he points out that the Pride March is just that — a march, not a parade. “It was started by marginalized people who were marching for their rights.”
MSK computational biologist Sohrab Shah
Scientists Obtain Real-Time Look at How Cancers Evolve
With the help of machine learning, computational biologists are learning to predict how cancers will evolve.
Yasmin Khakoo
Finding an Unexpected Calling: 8 Questions with Child Neurologist Yasmin Khakoo
Yasmin Khakoo is a pediatric neurologist and neuro-oncologist who directs the Child Neurology Program at MSK Kids.
Zsofia Stadler
Knowledge of Inherited Gene Mutations Increasingly Can Guide Cancer Treatment
An analysis of patients who received molecular testing at MSK has found that about half of those with hereditary gene mutations could benefit from treatment with therapies that target those alterations.
SKI immunologist Michael Glickman
MSK Scientists Solve One of TB’s Deadliest Tricks
Scientists at Memorial Sloan Kettering have pieced together the biochemical mechanism by which the tuberculosis bacterium sneaks past our immune defenses.
marijuana joint
Now that Weed Is Becoming Legalized, Should More People with Cancer Use Cannabis?
Find out what Memorial Sloan Kettering experts recommend when it comes to marijuana, CBD, and other forms of cannabis for cancer.
In the Lab
Developmental biologist Luis Parada
Stem Cells May Explain Why Rare Inherited Tumor in Kids Is So Aggressive
Sloan Kettering Institute investigators have found that a subpopulation of cells within a type of sarcoma called malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor appear to be similar to a type of neural stem cells.
msk patient christopher jeter and his wife connie
You’ve Finished Cancer Treatment. Now What? MSK’s Survivorship Program Provides Expert Care
Meet Christopher Jeter, who was diagnosed nearly 10 years ago with lung cancer. He was successfully treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering and now is being closely monitored by experts in MSK's Adult Survivorship Program.
Sona with three family members at a dinner table
A Graduation Like No Other: MSK Kids Annual Pediatric Convocation Ceremony
MSK Kids celebrated the Class of 2021 at its 15th Annual Convocation Ceremony on June 10.
Chasity Burrows Walters
Caring for Transgender Patients: An Evolving Story of Learning and Respect
Meet Chasity Burrows Walters, an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) patients and has made it her mission to help shape how Memorial Sloan Kettering cares for transgender patients.