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MSK Postdoc Siting Gan
Sloan Kettering Institute Postdoc Spotlight: Siting Gan, Massagué and Pe'er Labs
Siting Gan has the heart of a rebel. Although she focused on physics in high school in Beijing, China, where she grew up, and chose to major in physics in college, she knew that she “wanted to do research and discover things myself.” That determination to pursue her own questions led her to biology and, ultimately, to a unique situation at Sloan Kettering Institute (SKI).
MSK robotic Whipple patient Chris Scott and his wife Kathy
Robotic Whipple Surgery Helps Chris Beat Pancreatic Cancer — Before It Started
When Chris Scott met with his urologist in January 2022, he thought they’d talk about an issue he was having with his prostate. But the conversation to...
Laboratory coats hanging from pegs
MSK Research Highlights, November 23, 2022
New research from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) and the Sloan Kettering Institute finds tumor-associated macrophages that express a specific transcription factor might be targeted to improve immunotherapy; examines how different mutational processes impact individual cell genomes in cancer; sheds new light on cell senescence in cancer; and offers new models to aid the search for new treatments for mesothelioma.
MSK's Tobias Walther and Robert Farese, Jr.
Renowned Cellular Lipid and Energy Metabolism Researchers Join the Sloan Kettering Institute
Learn about renowned cellular lipid and energy metabolism researchers Robert Farese, Jr., and Tobias Walther who recently joined the Sloan Kettering Institute, running their lab jointly.
Group of Black men posing at prostate cancer fundraising walk.
Annual Prostate Cancer Screening Pays Off for Black Community Leader in Harlem
A Black community leader seeks prompt treatment for prostate cancer, avoiding the harsh toll the disease often takes on men like him.
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Joyce Tyson
International Study Shows Liquid Biopsies May Improve Lung Cancer Survival
An international study led by MSK investigators has found that liquid biopsies may improve survival in people with lung cancer. These blood tests are easier for patients than more traditional tissue biopsies.
Postdocs Francisco “Pancho” Barriga and Kaloyan Tsanov in the lab
New MACHETE Technique Slices Into Cancer Genome To Study Copy Number Alterations
Learn why MSK researchers developed MACHETE, a new CRISPR-based technique to study large-scale genetic deletions efficiently in laboratory models.
MSK thoracic surgeon and lung cancer specialist David Jones.
Inherited BRMS1 Mutation Promotes Lung Cancer Spread, MSK Research Suggests
An inherited mutation that contributes to lung cancer spread could be a target for therapies.
Memorial Sloan Kettering behavioral scientists Jamie Ostroff and Smita Banerjee
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Leads Collaborative Effort to End Lung Cancer Related Stigmas
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) is committed to helping eliminate the stigmas associated with a lung cancer diagnosis and is working to raise awareness in close collaboration with other national organizations such as the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer and American Cancer Society.
Selwyn M. Vickers, M.D., FACS
Selwyn M. Vickers Named to amNY Metro and PoliticsNY’s Power Players in Healthcare List
The list acknowledges and celebrates healthcare leaders who envision a better future for all New Yorkers and constitute New York’s ever-expanding and constantly improving healthcare system.