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Ellen Horste
From Basic Science to Biotech: One MSK Alum’s Journey
Learn how GSK graduate Dr. Ellen Horste’s time investigating fundamental biological questions prepared her for a career in the emerging field of gene therapy.
Family of four sitting and smiling for camera.
Metastatic Breast Cancer and Motherhood: Staying Hopeful
Learn how MSK's expertise in metastatic breast cancer helped a mother celebrate a long-awaited milestone with her family.
Ask the Expert
Mammogram being given by radiology technician to patient.
Dense Breast Tissue and Cancer Risk: What You Should Know
Learn about dense breast tissue and what it means for your cancer risk and screening needs.
Pancreatic cancer cells
MSK Discovery Suggests Opportunity to Improve Effectiveness of KRAS Inhibitors Against Pancreatic Cancer
MSK researchers have discovered a new mechanism of resistance to KRAS inhibitors that suggests an opportunity to make the treatment more effective.
Giovanna Whitting
Selpercatinib Receives Full FDA Approval to Treat RET-Linked Thyroid Cancer
The FDA has granted full approval to the targeted therapy selpercatinib (Retevmo®) for treating thyroid cancers that have certain changes in a gene called RET. Learn about MSK’s role in the development of this drug and about how patients may benefit.
Dr. Gaetano Rocco is seen holding a component of the E-nose lung cancer test.
A Promising New Test for Lung Cancer: The Noninvasive E-Nose
Learn about a noninvasive lung cancer test called "E-nose" that is being investigated at Memorial Sloan Kettering.
detail shot of specimen slides
MSK Research Highlights, July 8, 2024
New MSK research developed a deep-learning model designed to aid challenging cancer diagnoses; identified key regulators of infection-clearing immune cells; and shed new light on the mechanical forces exerted by immune cells.
MSK melanoma expert James Smithy, MD
New Treatments Improving Prognosis for Stage 4 Melanoma Patients
Researchers at MSK have been at the forefront of developing new treatments for advanced melanoma for many years. Learn more about the latest therapies.
In the Lab
Cyclotron engineer and nuclear pharmacist
New Imaging Detects Deadly Lung and Prostate Cancers, May Improve Treatment
Learn how a new imaging technique could improve detection and treatment of certain aggressive lung and prostate cancers.
Close-up of two people holding hands
Coping With Grief: 7 Things to Remember When Dealing with Loss
Grief can feel all-consuming, but those intense feelings don’t last forever.