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Marcel R.M. van den Brink, MD, PhD
MSK Experts Featured at the 2020 ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition
MSK physicians and scientists are involved in notable research to be presented at the meeting and are available to comment on a variety of topics within leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma.
Josh Foromera wearing a mask
A Doctor Who Followed His Dream From Zimbabwe to MSK: Josh's Story
Read about Josh Foromera, who was born in a small village in Zimbabwe and recently began a fellowship in the Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition Service at MSK.
 MSK is joining a nationwide effort to diversify its Legal team.
Memorial Sloan Kettering's Office of General Counsel Joins Nationwide Diversity Initiative
The Office of General Counsel at Memorial Sloan Kettering recently joined legal departments from various industries in a nationwide effort to improve diversity and representation among their teams.
In the Clinic
Physician-scientist Charles Rudin
Unexpected Finding Reveals New Target for Aggressive Form of Lung Cancer
Researchers discover that a subset of lung adenocarcinomas are aggressive because of mutations that allow them to block ferroptosis, a type of cell death.
Structure of an intermediate during the homologous recombination reaction.
Wielding Powerful Imaging Tools, MSK Researchers Decipher Process of DNA Repair
The high-resolution views provided by cryo-electron microscopy are helping scientists learn how proteins and DNA collaborate to repair broken DNA.
MSK physician-scientists Nadeem Riaz and Jorge Reis-Filho.
For People with Certain BRCA Mutations, Activating the Immune System Could Be Promising Treatment
Human data and results from mouse experiments suggest that people with BRCA2 mutations may respond well to immunotherapy drugs.
In the Clinic
Medical oncologist Alexander Drilon
A Perfect Match: Molecular Tests Developed at MSK Guide Personalized Treatment for Lung Cancer
For personalized treatment to work, it’s important to analyze each person’s tumor for genetic mutations and find the best drugs to target those mutations.
Systems biologist Joao Xavier in his lab
MSK Study Is the First to Link Microbiota to Dynamics of the Human Immune System
MSK researchers have shown for the first time that the concentration of different types of immune cells in the blood changes in relation to the presence of different bacterial strains in the gut.
MSK Kid, Rihanna, and her family visit New York City to see her billboard.
Grateful for MSK Kids: Giving Thanks to MSK’s Youngest Patients
As we reflect in this season of gratitude, MSK Kids, the pediatric cancer program at Memorial Sloan Kettering, is grateful for our pediatric patients and their families. Patients just like Rihanna.
In the Lab
SKI cell biologists Junmei Yi and Xuejun Jiang
More Evidence that Cellular ‘Death by Iron’ Could Be Promising Avenue of Cancer Treatment
Cancers with certain mutations are vulnerable to ferroptosis, a form of iron-dependent cell death.