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Nurse practitioner Emily Sarro helps coordinate care for patients in MSK’s Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA at MSK) program.
Empowering Adolescents and Young Adults: The AYA at MSK Program
Cancer is tough, no matter the age. But adolescents and young adults with cancer face a whole host of unique challenges, including delayed diagnoses. MSK created an Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA at MSK) program which unites experts across 16 specialties.
Social Distancing
5 Simple Ways for Older Adults to Stay Connected During Social Distancing
Restrictions due to COVID-19 are leaving many feeling isolated or lonely. MSK Psychologist Kelly Trevino, PhD, shares simple ways to find meaning and stay connected during this time.
MSK medical oncologist Robert Motzer
“Deep Dive” into Biology of Kidney Tumors Identifies Markers of Response to Immunotherapy
A study of nearly 900 kidney cancer tumors has identified previously unknown biomarkers that correlate with better treatment responses to immunotherapy and targeted therapy.
In the Lab
Scanning electron microscope image of a breast cancer cell.
Mutations in the Same Gene Create Different Paths to Breast Cancer Drug Resistance
A new finding provides insight into how breast cancer develops resistance to aromatase inhibitors.
An illustration of a beta-amyloid plaque among the neurons in a brain.
MSK Study Links Inflammation to Alzheimer’s Disease Development
An enzyme that contributes to plaque formation in the brain also serves as a first line of defense against bacteria and viruses, suggesting a link between the two.
September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month
Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month: Making Big Strides at MSK Kids
September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month and at MSK, we continue to work to advance research to bring about better treatments and awareness to our youngest and most vulnerable patients not only in September, but every day.
Andrea Cercek, MD, co-director of the Center for Young Onset Colorectal Cancer at MSK
Colon Cancer in Younger Adults: MSK Colon Cancer Specialists Share Insights after Chadwick Boseman’s Passing
An uptick in colorectal cancer in people under the age of 50 is an alarming trend that led Memorial Sloan Kettering to develop the first of its kind Center for Young Onset Colorectal Cancer in 2018. Read more.
In the Lab
Black blobs on a white background
Separation Anxiety: Cell Division Gone Awry Leads to Genetic Chaos
Researchers shed light on how aberrant cell division can cause the kind of mutations often found in cancer cells.
Alexander Drilon, MD
Precision Medicine Advances: Pivotal Studies Led by MSK Published in the New England Journal of Medicine
Following an approval from the FDA in May 2020, the New England Journal of Medicine has published data from the phase I/II LIBRETTO-001 clinical trial of selpercatinib in advanced RET (REarranged during Transfection)-driven lung and thyroid cancers. MSK’s Alexander Drilon, MD, the recently appointed Chief of the Early Drug Development Service, serves as the lead investigator for multi-site clinical trial.
Intern Kathleen Navas
Commitment to Education and Mentoring: How Memorial Sloan Kettering Continued Summer Internships During the Pandemic
While numerous summer student internships were cancelled this year due to the pandemic, MSK quickly modified many of our summer student programs to enroll more than 300 interns from around the world – both virtually and in-person.